Sunday, July 12, 2015

Julia in Hawaii part 2

Once again another overload of pictures. I miss being with them!

One has to be creative one you don't have your own toys to play with. 

Jocelyn is just the cutest!

Last beach day with them. How I miss these two! We had so much fun together one afternoon just us three as we went to the beach for several hours and then swam at the hotel pool to clean off. And one night while I was putting them to bed, they wanted me to tell them a story so I just recounted the first episode of When Calls the Heart and I fooled them. They thought I was a master story teller. ;) But they had some good laughs though!

Yes those mountains are a view from someone's backyard. And it's hard to see but the street signs and every sign for that matter has too many vowels to pronounce. We mostly had to wait till the GPS told us how to say it:)

One of the military beaches

Yes I have a lot of pictures with this kid but it's because he was always up for a photo of himself. Vanity looks good on him though. :)
He just barely noticed I was taking a picture of him.

So of course he to pose for me. 

Pretty much posed for this one as well. What a ham.

Can you see the definite tan line on Christian's lower back?

This is before you get to the big city

And here's the big city of Waikiki. Quite the contrast!

I see the Oregon Coast! 

I believe that mountain over there is St. Helens. I could see Mt. Hood from a distance first but the picture wouldn't capture it so well. It made me so happy to see it and know that I was close to home!

I received a lovely surprise from Austin when I got home. And it was great to stay with the Johns' who were once again so gracious to host us and eat their yummy food and see the kids' cute skits and introducing us to 'Odd Squad'. Austin was hooked!

We had to take a night hike up the City Creek Trails

This is just down the street from our place. Gorgeous. 

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