Sunday, July 19, 2015

Uncle Brad's retirement party and other things

It was great to be there for Uncle Brad and Aunt Dantzelle as they celebrated Brad's retirement from Boy Scouts of America. He served for 37.5 years! And a lot of those years were in Pocatello which I didn't realize. Apparently Emily said that their mission presidents when she served here lived in their old house. There were some great tributes by their kids and other friends. Probably over 200 people attended (included several General Authorities). They are greatly loved! I got to go because Mom and Dad were coming and it wasn't too much out of their way to pick me up and take me there for a quick trip. It was nice to have one-on-one time with them. Let's do it again guys! :) Of course it was also fun to see Ems, Bronson, cousins on the Lewis side, A-A and family. I'm glad I live close enough to do this.

Uncle Brad Allen

Aunt Dantzelle

Me and Bubs

Everybody at our table. Top left: Dad, Alejandra, Jasmin, me, A-A, Mom, Harrison's girlfriend (Amy I want to say?) but she also knows our cousin Becca as they served in the same mission, Harrison, Bronson, and Emily.

The three brunette sisters
The morning we left A-A's house

Our view from probably our last Rexburg Idaho Temple Trip. Tear!

I've been trying to be frugal and adventurous in learning new things like taking an old shirt and cutting it up to make a headband. Not the most flattering but still works. :)

So I looked up online how to trim my hair. I had a first successful try probably because I was doing it very small. Austin told me to do a little more so I did and it was so much off that I had to cut the rest off in the same length! AH! It was terrible. Austin helped on the last part. Why are we doing it in the dark?? ;)

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  1. That was fun! Oh my goodness! That last picture! Eek!