Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Julia in Hawaii part 1

This is just going to be an overload of pictures from my trip to Hawaii with Meredith and Bryan's family. They made the brave move as Bryan does his residency here for pediatrics. I'm glad I could be there to be of help for them in some way. Hope it was worth it for them! It was so fun to be with all of them. I'm still thinking about it and wish I could go and see them again...soon! I loved relishing all these pictures and trying to think about all of the things we did and places we went to see and funny moments because there are bound to be lots of laughs with the Williams' family!

I flew out of IF on Monday, June 1st and got into Mesa which is where they were staying at Bryan's brother's house. Mere and I ate Cafe Rio which she would sadly miss for the next 3 years.

Bright and early the next morning, we set off for the airport and oh man did we have a lot of stuff. 4 car seats, 9 luggage, and much more. We almost missed the flight and got to the gate near the last minute. Then Hudson peed all over Bryan. Ah! It was crazy. They changed the seating arrangement so I could be with Evelyn and Mere and Bryan with the other three. I just wish we sat closer so I could help them out too.

We got to Waikiki and into our 3 bedroom hotel which unfortunately smelled like urine. Mere is such a trooper for spending  a month there! We have spent every day all day at the pool, beach, or both. Anything to get ourselves out of the hotel and into some fresh air. We also managed to stop by Jamba Juice a few times. :) It was fun to travel to 4 different beaches and see different parts of Hawaii. Waikiki is like Vegas without all the disgusting billboards. Then you get out of Waikiki and travel north and hit the gorgeous lushness greeness that is all around. And Hawaii is perfect weather all year round! It's amazing.

The night before we left

On the plane ride

First time flying over the ocean!

Doing word searches

She had fun listening to music on my phone. Hope I didn't scar her for life by the stuff I listen to;)

First day there looking outside my room from the hotel

The view he's looking at

Perfect child, Jocelyn.

Went on a nightly walk with Mere once the kids were in bed, first night.

Hawaii never needs a filter on your camera

Highway to heaven climb. Can you see it?

At the Marine base beach. Gorgeous as ever.

Cutest little guy!

Silly Christian
This is how we felt every night after a long day at the beach
Sunday walks-look at that cutie!
So precious! Love her!

Showing off the yogurt stache


  1. Julia had a lot of fun with everyone in Hawaii, but what she forgot to mention was how much get husband missed her and missed nightly phone calls because of the 4 hour time difference.

  2. Love Austin's comment! Great pics...you were such a trooper. And meredith is too.