Friday, July 1, 2016

Dani and Nic's quick trip to Moscow

It was perfect timing that Nic had a religious conference here at University of Idaho while we're here so both he and Dani could come up for a quick trip. They arrived Friday late morning, we had lunch, then went straight to his conference. Only a few were there (mostly presenters-one of them being Brett's bro-in-law). Then we toured a little bit of campus and Austin's work place, we went home for dinner, played games, and had leftover chocolate sweet potato cake. Then Nic listened to more presentations on Saturday while Austin and I hung out with Dani at our apartment. I wish it was nicer weather to take her on a hike but she was 7 months pregnant so maybe it was a good idea to hang low. :) I just had to make sure to get my massage in before she left-she loves giving them and I love getting them. :)

This was our 3rd attempt at a selfie and we're all looking somewhere different. It's perfect.


  1. i can testify with my own witness that Dani gives the BEST massages. and I guess i'm also learning she's really pregnant! I had no idea!!!