Friday, July 1, 2016

For the love of Moscow

To say we love Moscow would be an understatement. This place isn't fancy by any means but it's like a perfect for us. We've noticed that we are really slow paced people.  Like real slow. I love that Austin can bike 7 mins to work and that I can walk pretty much anywhere in Moscow in 30 minutes. For reals. And you could bike from Pullman to Moscow to Troy on this beautiful trail. I go on walks with a friend every Tuesday and Thursday and we both talk about how nice it is to walk everywhere. She walks everywhere with her kiddos. I think the only time she drives is to Pullman for their library visits and occasionally the grocery store. And there is no such thing as traffic or rush hour here. It's going to be a shock wherever we move to next. I don't know what it is but the feel here is just nice. A great community that puts on a lot of family activities, pretty typical for any community really, but it just feels different. Pocatello seemed to find pride in their run down feel but I'm really grateful Moscow keeps it clean while maintaining its charm. 

Summer concerts in the park; Movies on the lawn; Free bus system around town. And you can't forget Farmer's market every Saturday. It's packed every week and they always have cool jugglers, live music, and on main street, there is a little play ground (super smart idea). They have a lot of drinking places (our favorite of course ;) and funky shops, their co-op is like the image of the town (it has great food too).

I'm obsessed with their East City park which is about a 30 minute walk from we're at. It's up the hill from the library so I always seem to venture from the library to the park and spread out a blanket and read. It's my go-to place on a warm day. Austin and I come and throw frisbee or play volleyball or basketball and then walk around the neighborhoods and pretend which house we'd live in if we stayed here for good. The houses are kind of old but have a unique, small town feel. Like something from an old book. Anyway, you just got to enjoy where you're at, right? Despite living in the middle of nowhere and having terrible mobile service, it's the best. Here's just snippets of pictures around the area. Doesn't do it justice I think.

At our Church parking lot in the fall.

Outside Austin's building.

My daily dose of reading at the park. My foot looks huge! haha

On a walk on the trails at sunset.

Brushing up on my skills at the park.

Art work at the park.

I just love how his arms flail back after he shoots. :)

First day of the farmer's market.

Across from where we live. There is a llama farm to the left.

At the arboretum. I go here every Tues and Thurs from 11-noon while Carol (Janelle's grandma) is doing her swim class. 

Throwing the frisbee after music in the park. Can you spot the disc that's coming at me?


  1. Wow! you need to be sending me more pictures of your place, I underestimated Russia ;) jk. But for reals, that place is beautiful and I miss slower pace towns. I love Hawaii, but hearing about Moscow makes me itch for a place with no traffic and that you can walk everywhere. Glad you guys are enjoying it:)

  2. Wow i really need to give moscow way more credit ;)

    Any location without traffic sounds like a heaven to me! Enjoy it! can't wait to see where you guys go next.

    p.s. your blog head is SOOOO cute ;)