Sunday, May 22, 2016

Austin's 26th birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite guy! I'm so glad he was born. :)

Some things I want to record about him (I know people do this with kids, but by golly, Austin is a total kid at heart so it works!)
-Austin is learning to be really good at surprising me. He's always leaving me notes in unexpected places like the kitchen cupboards. One time he did that with a little Dove chocolate. Then he did it again several more times with more Dove chocolate. I didn't realize till later that every time he has errands to run to Walmart, he always buys a bag of Dove chocolates and treats me to them every so often.
-He loves birds, like a lot. He could sit and just watch birds all day. He'll interrupt a conversation and point at birds whether we're on a walk or in a car. He is so fascinated by anything in nature.
-He still has the biggest sweet tooth that I know (ie Dove chocolates above was another way for him to get eat more sugar). Like right now, Dani gave us a bag of M&M's for our birthday, and for some reason anytime the word birthday is mentioned, it's like taboo and Austin reaches for the bag for more. :)
-He loves kids and loves that we teach sunbeams even though we are learning that we have no idea what we're doing. But he is always thinking of ways of how to improve our class.
-He's so thoughtful and he really just loves people (or really just observing people ;). He is wanting to learn more how to effectively communicate with people. For example, a retired professor was giving away books and Austin got the book, "How to effectively communicate as an engineer." It was mostly about how to write papers but Austin thought it would help with communicating with people, haha. Poor guy, being in the Lewis family is NOT easy.
-He is my biggest support, he makes me laugh everyday, and loves any chance to give me a hug (squeeze) and a kiss. Love you, Austin!

Stopped in McCall, Idaho after presenting at a conference in Pocatello.

A gentleman in every sense of the word. (2012 pic)

Holy handsome!

Typical Austin stopping by on walks to observe the stream below.

Celebrating our birthdays and half anniversary at Newsies.

When I'm gone, he'll take pics of himself on his phone and set them as backdrops on my phone.

Birthday morning-May 17th

Lasagna is his favorite. I tried a vegan one and boy oh boy it was good!


    this was a really cute post. i learned something new about Austin: He interrupts conversations to point out a bird! hahahah

  2. hahaha! Austin is great! I laughed out loud about the book! That's hilarious :)