Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spring Break with Cami and Sean

We finally had a spring break once Cami and Sean decided to come hang out with us during their spring break in between semesters. It was so fun! We loved catching up and just hanging out with them. And luckily, the weather was beautiful so we got to spend more time outside. Here's a breakdown of what we did this weekend with pictures below.

-Tubbs Hill-beautiful hike

-Youtube videos-hilarious parody off Star Wars

-Stake Conference-the married stake got dissolved so we're all in family wards now. Austin and I teach the sunbeams. :)

-Ballroom dance-UI performing. Austin knew a couple of people in it.

-Dance party-epic one at our house afterwards

-Chatting all day, going on walks on Sunday night-took a walk around our neighborhood. It was beautiful!

-Watching WCTH finale-swoon! ;)

-Going to the arboretum-gorgeous as always!

-Gambinos-treat them out to lunch

-Walking around downtown-happened upon a game shop (like board games and such) and Sean was in heaven!

Tubbs Hill hike

Hello flower that's as big as my head. At the arboretum. 

Just a typical view anywhere here. Those rolling hills never get old. 

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