Sunday, February 7, 2016

Christmas 2015

Can't believe I haven't blogged about Christmas yet! The fact that I took down the Christmas tree not too long ago makes it seem like it hasn't been that far away but still, it's February and it needs to happen one way or another.

A brief overcap of what went down in 2015 for Christmas in Gresham:

-Trip to Powell's books (first time for Austin and Bronson)
-Grabbed some donuts on the way home
-Decorating cookies
-Went to see the new Star Wars
-Christmas caroling to neighbors
-Girls went hot tubbing
-Watching movies and having a boatload of popcorn
-Christmas eve program and games at the Vances
-Opening presents and playing games (I introduced some of the nieces and nephews to Farkle and helped their math skills because of it ;)
-Watched the new When Calls the Heart episode (it's gotten more cheesy if that is even possible!)
-Trip to the Temple

Now for a plethora of pictures that helps capture the week (some a little out of order)

Austin made cookies to celebrate the new Star Wars movie. On the right is Luke Skywalker.

These girls loved the uncles that came to visit. They did a lot of tackling that week.

I just love how they're "in the zone" with the movie they're watching.

Girls got an American Girl doll. And Bronson is giving me the creepy eyes and Emily looks like she's out of it. :)

Geniuses at work in the game of Master Mind.

Found my old blanket that great Aunt Nona made me. This blanket has been through a lot over the years. 

Gary J. winning the favorite bro-in-law award with this apron he made me for Christmas. I love it!!

I think I'm going to laugh every time I see this for multiple reasons. Emily was SUPER bummed that Mom gave her hot chocolate maker to Ondalynn and so Viv surprised her with one and she just broke down in tears. She didn't cry when she got her sewing machine earlier that day but when she got this. She's hilarious!

I love Julia's face like "really, you're crying about this?"

Watching Star Wars all crammed in there on the couch.

At Dorothy's baptism. What a special girl she is!

After Christmas Eve skit.

Austin is loving this right now. :)

Emily gave Sydney and Julia a signed copy of Studio C cast and they flipped!

The gang for Christmas Eve. 

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