Sunday, August 16, 2015

Harold and Edith Doutre reunion

Basically, I'm so blessed to be a Doutre! What amazing, awesome, and fun people I'm related to. I finally got to meet the rest of the extended family when we had our reunion in Hurricane, Utah from August 5th-8th. This was put on by Dad Doutre so we know a lot of time and effort went into it. Everyone stayed at the Coral resort which is like an apartment complex but nicer than your average apartments. Each one had 3 bedrooms in it and one of those bedrooms had two big bunk beds where we fit 6 people in it. Let's just say that we all didn't get the best of sleep ;)
On Wednesday night, we had dinner and mingled with those that already arrived. We stayed up late chatting and that was so fun and oh man, some of those cousins are hilarious! We could listen to them forever.
On Thursday, we went to Zions National Park and some did Angels Landing hike while others did Emerald Pools. That area is so pretty! I love all the red rock. We did that for most of the day. That night we went to the park for dinner and a sibling panel where Dani monitored the discussion of what life was like with Grandma and Grandpa Doutre and it was so neat to hear about their life and their personalities since I didn't get a chance to meet them. Here is some things I wrote down about each of them:
-Grandpa never spoke French unless cussing out a dam that washed out
-They were honest people through and through

Characteristics of Grandpa Harold:
-Shy guy even as an adult
-Had the best laugh
-Great smile
-Kept up his looks
-He was pretty proud of his looks and shaved everyday

Characteristics of Grandma Edith:
-Made everything even with presents (all kids got the same amount each year)
-Dani and Bree look like her when she got married
-Loved people and love to visit with them and make them feel good
-Sacrificed for her children
-She hugged everyone
-She always saw the good

It was neat to listen to all of this (plus all the funny stories they told about each other). It was also neat to see some characteristics that Austin inherited from his Grandpa (Austin is really proud of his looks too hehe :)

But while they were doing the panel, all of a sudden there was this huge storm that came blew everything in about a second. You felt like you were in a hurricane. Dani said later, you know that worked out great because I didn't know how to end that panel discussion. :) I'm glad we got to finish the panel the next day though and hear some more stories.
Later that night, we watched "Extreme Days" which is like a Doutre initiation movie. It's absolutely ridiculous! Like Napoleon Dynamite ridiculous but they all love it so it was hilarious.

Friday, we went to the Children's museum in St. George because it was pouring down rain. Halfway though, Austin and I wanted to walk around St. George a little bit but because of the rain we went right next door to the historic Tabernacle and take a look around. It's still in use today. It was a neat building!

That night we finished sibling panel, some acted out a family history story, we sang a song that went with a family history story, and did minute to win it games. Our team (super speed was the name) won! The whole thing was a blast! Then later that night we watched home videos so that was great to hear Grandpa and Grandma Doutre's voices and see their house where they lived in Idaho.

I'm so glad to get to know some more of the Doutre cousins and aunts and uncles. They are all so great! We loved it all and I'm so glad we got that time to be with them.

Welcome to the land of Red Rock

Chatting the first night
Cute little Ryan

Love miss Edie (named Edith after Grandma Edith Doutre)
We had too much fun watching those cuties in the back

On the shuttle bus going to our hikes.

Bree was my partner going part way up Angels Landing. It was fun to chat!

Some of these pic are what Austin took because he went a little higher than Bree and I. In front is cousin Brandon taking a picture of down below. 

On our hike going to Emerald Pools
I loved that Brandon happen to capture this picture

Emerald pools. Next time we'll go when it's raining because some did it on Friday when the rain was coming down and they said it was beautiful!

The Fab Five-Carol, Donna, Dennis, Debbie, and Janice

Brigham loves long hair and loves playing with it! He wears this duck towl that he wears all the time and he pretends it's his Elsa hair from "Frozen". 

Doing the sibling panel

Pictures from the Children's museum 

Eden rocking out on stage at the Children's museum

At the pulpit in the St. George Tabernacle

In the Tabernacle

Brigham having fun at the park

Retelling a family history story about Grandma Edith when she was growing up

Minute to win it games-I love Cami's intense face. 

The siblings before they did one of the games.

Our winning photo-Team Super speed
Watching home videos

69 of the 75 where there, pretty amazing!

On our last night. Missing Nathan as he had a seminary meeting that he needed to attend.

This is how we were all feeling when we got home!

Had to document that when I flew home that night after the reunion, I saw Jarom Jordan on my flight . He is one of the hosts of BYU Sports Nation and Austin and I love his witty commentary when he announces for men's volleyball. :)


  1. Sounds like a fun reunion.sorry about the no sleep! Did u do angels landing? I should have asked you about this when I saw you?

  2. Sounds like a fun reunion.sorry about the no sleep! Did u do angels landing? I should have asked you about this when I saw you?