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Bronson and Emily's wedding! August 14th, 2015

The night we got home from the Doutre reunion, I flew home to Oregon to help Mom prepare for Bronson and Emily's wedding. I was glad I could help even though I felt I didn't do a whole lot. They joked that I was like Cinderella where they would say, 'do this', 'clean that', 'fold these clothes', and I was the chaeuffer for Mom and Emily while they discussed wedding details.

On Sunday, August 9th, we prepared for dinner that night with the Vances, Caudles, and B&E. We had a little program afterwards talking about the importance of the Temple and gave a little tribute of why we loved Emily (something we did growing up when it was someone's birthday). I actually really liked doing it in a little more informal setting so the nieces and nephews could participate too. There were some great tributes like how Emily is really thoughtful. I didn't realize that she put a reminder on Mom and Dad's computers and phones every few months that would pop up and say 'Remember Hermana Lewis loves you'. She also stuck love notes throughout the house that Mom and Dad would find months and months later. She did all of these right before her mission. Meredith sent me the memory of when we were thinking of 35 memories for a present to give to Mom and Dad for their 35th wedding anniversary and everyone came up with a few but Emily came up with like 30 memories and that certainly made up for our lack of memories. She has a real close to Mom and Dad. Funny moment that happened earlier in RS: our lesson was on marriage and family and we read the scripture that said "leave your father and mother and cleave unto your spouse" and Emily turns to me and jokingly says "dangit!" Haha I don't think she was quite ready to do that yet. ;) In my tribute I mentioned that Emily was the best member missionary I knew. She has some awesome non member friends that they all support each other in their religious differences and I think they will always have a good view of the LDS Church because of Emily. She is a light and whenever we are home and go to Church, EVERYONE wants to talk to Emily. You can tell she is loved by many.

I personally have so many memories of Bubs that it's hard to track down all the ones that I love and laugh about (like when she was practicing driving and ran into a tree as she was trying to park outside our house, hehe) but I just remember laughing LOTS with her. I just got off the phone with her and she still makes me laugh till I hurt and almost cry. I really love that about her.

Monday and Tuesday was busy with a lot of little tasks to get things ready for the wedding and company to arrive. We're grateful that we practiced about 3 times to get her dress on because the whole back is like a shoe lace where you have to lace every one. Gratefully on the day of the wedding, Michelle Gardner, Bronson's mother, helped out and wanted to make sure it was perfect.

Wednesday, all the family had arrived by then so we met up at a park in Vancouver near where the Vances lived and played at the splash pad, talked, ate lunch, and the grandkids acted out skits on the stage that they had there. It was great fun! That night, all the siblings and spouses that were there, went to do sealings at the Portland Temple and then went out for shakes afterwards. Then I picked up Austin later that night.

Thursday was busy flower day at the house. The living room was chalk full of flowers everywhere. Martha Allen and Janelle helped Emily put it all together. They turned out beautifully!! I have to mention that Mere and her family couldn't make it as they are in Hawaii but I tried to send her picture texts throughout the week so she could see what we were doing. I also sent her funny conversations we were having with Mom, Emily, and I while we were putting on her dress. On the day of the wedding, a boquet of flowers (the same colors as the wedding colors) were sent to her door with a note saying that we wanted to make sure she knew we missed her and that a part of the wedding could be with her since she couldn't be with us that day. We missed you Mere!!!

Thursday evening we had dinner on the pavilion at the Stake Center. I want to write down this cute story that happened at the dinner for memory sake. We had Cafe Rio style dinner and Austin and I sat down at the table with the Johns. Austin sat down next to Spencer who stood up a few minutes later and went to stand back in line. Alice-Anne was like "what are you doing, you already have food?!" But we found out, once he sat down, that what he was waiting in line for was a lime to put inside his water because that's what Uncle Austin (or Uncle Awesome as Spencer likes to say) had in his drink. It was so cute! After the dinner we went inside the Stake Center to have the slideshow presentation that Michelle Gardner put on. Another cute story with Spencer and Austin: We were all taking our seats and Isaac just happened to sit next to Austin and so that left no seat next to him. I could tell Spencer was a little fidgety like his plan had failed in wanting to sit by Austin but couldn't now. I asked, "Spencer, do you want to sit on Austin's lap?" which he promptly did. Austin told me later that he didn't know where to put his hands when Spencer was sitting on his lap but Spencer quickly grabbed Austin's hands and put them around his waist. I'm so glad Austin has a buddy like that. I hope their fun relationship will continue.

Later that evening, Emily and I worked on her bouquet until about midnight and then she had to take a shower so she could do her hair appointment. It was like de ja vu when I got married because I remember taking a shower at midnight when everyone else was asleep. I felt prompted a couple of days prior to write Emily a little note of love. I put it in the bathroom after she had gone to bed so she could see it in the morning. I felt like Anne and Diana in Anne of Green Gables when these two best friends were parting from one another. I just wished I got a lock of her hair. ;)

Friday, August 14th, was the big day! The morning was a blur getting ready but we all made it on time. I think there was about 13 weddings that day so the Temple had a system going (I've seen similar fashion at the Rexburg Temple while working there-those poor coordinators!) The sealing was done by President Pond, the Temple president, and he did such a great job. The Spirit was present and you could feel the power of covenants in that room. Emily told me later that she was almost crying but then she had to remember about pictures and said to herself "keep it together!" so she wouldn't cry and have her mascara wouldn't run everywhere. :) Our old piano teacher, Sis. Lyle was there which made me wish that I had invited her to my sealing. She is one awesome (hilarious) lady.

It was crazy outside the Temple trying to get flowers to everyone but you know how things go, they always work out, and it did! Mom instructed me to take photos on Emily's phone so she could have them later and that was fun for me. I threw in a few selfies in there to make her laugh. When Gary Johns found out it was Emily's phone, he decided to take random pictures of people's feet haha. Austin and I got to stay later so I could help Emily change out of her Temple dress, which she actually changed in the assistant to to the matron's office because of all the weddings. B&E quickly left once we were done but not soon before we saw them smooching some more down the steps of the Temple when I'm sure they thought we weren't looking. ;)

We got home in time to quickly eat a late lunch before we headed off to the reception. The weather predicted rain pretty much all day and so many, many prayers were said so we could have the reception outside. We basically had a George Deliverance miracle where the rain happened all around us but not on any of the reception area. We had some crazy winds at first that blew the vases and plates were missing that should have gotten there, but after that all happened, it seemed to go smoothly. And it was so beautiful!

It was fun to see one of my best friends, Marjorie Allen Hodges and finally meet her husband, Micah. I love friendships where you could be apart for years but when you get together, it seems like you never left. Wish I got a picture with her though!

At the reception there was dancing, eating cake and yummy food, and sending the couple off with tons of balloons in their car and Oreos on the window. Can't believe Bubs is married! So happy for them both!

Now for a crazy amount of pictures (like as long as the write up was!)

Sunday was the beginning of the wedding party. 

All Jammin out in our JunieBlake attire

Oh man, my 12 year old niece is taller than me! How does that happen so quick??

Mom rollin around Costco in style!

A little stress and trying to keep her cool ;)

This is the face of Emily legitimately losing to her 6 year old nephew at arm wrestling.

Good thing Mom and Dad have two iPads!

Cute Viv and Gwen

Jackson jammin it out on the coolest piano

My way to get Elliot to stand still for 2 seconds was to tell him that I NEEDED to take a pic for Aunt Meredith. He willing obliged. :)

Grandkids doing skits. 

Thursday was officially named getting-flowers-ready-for-the-big-day. Here is just a snippet of what the beautiful bouquets looked like. 

Look at that mess! But the living room smelled amazing.

We were watching D's girls so I had to capture this cute one of Gwen and Austin.

Thursday evening pre wedding dinner. Look at Austin giving a thumbs in the background. :)

Grandkids are the best!
Day of the wedding and waiting for the bride and groom to come out. 

These kids love their Grandpa Lewis!


Love Julia photo-bombing that pic. She obviously took the Studio C photo-bombing 101 class :)

How did Dallin capture this?? If any of my kids complain about a bad picture, I will simply show them this picture and they will cease to complain. 

They are officially Mr. & Mrs. Gardner!

Sealed the deal!

Probably one of my favorite pics of them. 


The cool Gardner clan

Love this awesome family!

The sibs! Missing Mere!!

The ladies

Handsome men

Really handsome men


Because we stayed after they took pictures, Emily wanted me to hold onto her bouquet till we got to the reception. That meant when we were driving home, I didn't want it to get smashed, so I held it up. We had a couple of people honk as they passed by like we were the newlyweds! It was funny. 

Reception night

It was fun to have Uncle Roger, Aunt Andrea, and Andi.

It was also fun to have Uncle Geoff and Aunt Peggy.

I think Ondalynn or Viv is holding the phone because we were face timing with Mere. You can see Ev in the picture. 

Two words: Napoleon Dynamite

They're about to head off!

Blurry picture because this is Mom jumping up and down because she is finally done with weddings!!

Ending on some cute pics from such an awesome week.

Joy in their posterity for sure!
How the old saying goes: All because two people fell in love. These two are the best! Thanks for your loving examples, Mom and Dad. 

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