Sunday, August 2, 2015

D&A Doutre family reunion

Over the 24th of July weekend, Austin's siblings and their families all get together for an immediate family reunion. Because Nathan wouldn't be there for the extended Doutre reunion in St. George, we all wanted to get together before Austin and I left for Moscow. The whole weekend was fun but slightly painful as Austin got the biggest sunburn of his life. We went to the Lake near American Fork where Uncle Dave brought his wave runners and we were out in the sun pretty much all day but Austin failed to put on any sunscreen. Thank goodness he was wearing a shirt because that would have just been more painful.
It was so bad that he couldn't ride his bike to work because his feet hurt so bad. I think he learned a lesson he's not willing to repeat again (thank goodness!) as we will be experiencing really hot weather at the extended Doutre reunion in St. George this week.
Other events that weekend were taking a tour of Dad D's office at Boeing, watching fireworks and late night chats with the ladies (and learning a new way to keep track of awesome journal stories from Becca), epic last minute water fight, game night, watching McFarland USA, doing Just Dance, taking much needed naps, and throwing frisbees and just having a blast with the kiddos! Because I was one of the few that didn't get sunburned on my legs, I went on a near 3 mile run around their awesome neighborhood early Saturday morning. It felt so good! It was also in commemoration of Iron Cowboy James who would be finishing his daunting task of 50 Ironmans in 50 consecutive days in 50 states which he was doing his last race that day in Lehi, Utah. Pretty incredible!

Here are some pics over the weekend. Wish I captured more but I guess we were just having so much fun :)

Before we went to the Doutre's, we stopped by Grandma Julia in Logan, UT. It was so great to see her!  

Austin was impressed with all the books she had. She said it makes for great decoration (so true!) but we talked a long time about books and overall we came away with a desire to be life long learners. 

The men folk upin their game on Just Dance.

Catching Ryan sneaking in some grapes.

Cami says this is the deal breaker for Sean: Dani picking at all their zits on her face and getting something out of her ear. Haha it's funny that they have so much pleasure out of it. :)

Happy Sunday from the Idaho Doutre's! 

Ryan and I sharing a moment while plucking out the keys on the piano. He's so cute!

Fun to play with Cami. I love that all the kids gravitated to the music. Brigham is on the bench while Ryan is mesmerized with Cami's playing. 

I get so much joy in making yummy meals like this moncho salad.

Austin got lunch 3x this last week with co workers and got to go shooting too. This is him with the other intern, Kyle. Everyone was so impressed by his skill-who knew! ;)

Last Rexburg Temple trip before our move to Moscow. I really wish that we made it for the morning time to see old ordinance workers that we used to work with but we got to see Bro. and Sis Gordon, who Bro. Gordon was our Bishop when we first got married and his wife was our coordinator before they both got put into the Temple office. I also saw an old co worker and an ordinance worker that always subbed on our shift, Sis. Ritchie. She asked me while doing initiatories, "are you still working at the Temple?" I told her no and she said, "I miss you a lot." Her face just radiated when she did the ordinance and I couldn't help but smile. I could feel her love and it was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father that I needed. 

We love this place! We're sure going to miss it. 


  1. Fun times! I loved that you ran 3 miles on the same day as the Iron Cowboy. We had fun following everything. We considered going to Lehi for the final run but ended up babysitting for a niece. So cool he did it, huh?!

  2. PS I hate bad sunburns. Learned that lesson way too many times. You have cute clothes!

  3. PS I hate bad sunburns. Learned that lesson way too many times. You have cute clothes!