Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The power of running

My goal in doing this blog as more of snippets of life is to point out the positive in our surroundings and recognize the good in things. All too often I can get caught up in the negative and it's just a spiral of emotion. This is my effort to regain some energy to a quite sleepy day.

Austin and I completed a 5K run last week and hope to work up to a 10K by the end of the summer. Running is exhilarating once you start. Our bodies were meant to move and be active. I believe there is a reason for that. It allows us to take our health and happiness into our own hands. Sometimes it doesn't sound fun at the crack of dawn but every time we do get outside, we always say "this is great!"

And when you have views like this, you really are glad that you woke up so early.

Before our 5K run. Lamp was the photo bomber.

Getting in the zone.

After 5K race and got free shirts afterwards. We're all about the shirts around here.

Sundays together. Love this guy. And this was the day after I cut his hair!
Just random but cool panoramic view behind our house on the trails.

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  1. Ha! The lamp is the photo bomb! Love it. Good for you for running early in the morning and doing that 5k!