Thursday, May 7, 2015

Peace that passes understanding

It's so interesting to realize things about a person that they don't think is true about themselves. I feel like Austin has no fear. Okay, he's afraid of heights and playing football but in terms of just getting up and doing something on a whim is something that impresses me about him (just one of many). I usually have to think out things way in advance before I act on them.
Austin obviously doesn't think he has no fears (who does?) but I feel like he acts in everything with a cheerful attitude. Last night, I had a hard moment but as I was sealing up the Mother Day's cards that we were going to send, I had a distinct feeling of peace. It's one of those passing moments that can be unrecognizable if I choose to ignore it.
Sometimes I feel like I'm in a rut in Pocatello but then I remember that I've got work to do. I can expand my knowledge and read books, study more of the Gospel, family history work, make new recipes, and blog about the good things :)

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