Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's day-a tribute to all women

I wrote a blog post last year dedicating it to all the wonderful women in my life-namely sisters, mothers, on both my side and Austin's side. It's amazing to think we have some great examples on both sides of the family that we draw from. They are really great and I hope to continue to learn from them.

I love that I am a woman! I know that as I strive to develop Christ-like attributes in my life that I'm gearing more towards a Mother Heart, for Christ and Mothers have a unique role in being co-creators. I've been studying about creation in my study and I'm in awe of the wondrous gift of God's love to His children through his creations, large or small.

I'm grateful for mother hearts everywhere. The influence of women is powerful.

The day before Mother's Day, we went to see Mary Poppins in Chubbuck at the Mystique Theater and the whole thing was amazing! The set, actors, music, dancing, everything! We both loved it so much.

I have to mention that on Mother's Day that we got busy talking to family that we didn't get around to eating dinner til close to 9PM so we decided for chips, salsa, and toast. It was actually quite nice (for Austin too! :)

This was Austin's gift to me. First attempt too!

Do you see the thumbs up sign in between us? Totally planned that (not).

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  1. Creation --what a good thing to study! And what a nice weekend. Chips and salsa, toast and all!