Sunday, May 24, 2015


We start off our annual Mayfest every year with Austin's birthday. Oh how I love this guy! As we've been married a little longer, I've noticed how very much different and alike we are. It's kind of funny. A new found love we have is me reading books to him. We've mostly read young adult fiction like Wonder, Lions of Little Rock, and we're in the thick of Okay for Now. This is especially fun for trips. He tells me that he feels like he's watching a movie. I've read all these books before and so I have an idea of what's going to happen and how to voice the characters and I don't mind revisiting these books because they have been some of my favorites!

Austin is my favorite guy if you can't tell already. He loves to recycle, sing, run (more than anything else!), make things clean and neat, and loves to make me laugh. He is hilarious! I also love that he indulges with me with my love of Hallmark movies and shows and the best part is he secretly loves them as well. :)

The day before his birthday, we hiked up part of City Creek trails. It was raining lightly but we decided to do it anyway. That meant we were the only ones on the trail but we loved it! Tomorrow we are going to go on a different path and explore. It's like a whole mountain in itself that you could wander for hours. And the best part is its basically in the backyard of our house. It's the best.We also went up on Red Rock Hill from ISU campus just for fun one night. The valley is beautiful from up above and we could locate our house from the top.

On Sunday, May 17th, we got together with the Doutre's for a birthday dinner. We were sad to miss Nate and Bec's family as they were having car troubles and Nic who was at Stake meetings. Mom Doutre is always so gracious to host all of us and serve yummy meals. It makes it easy to get there :) We stopped by Nate and Bec's to drop off some food and just chat so when we got on the road it was close to 11PM and we still had 2 more hours to go. We were both so tired so Austin started to sing "The Lonely Goatherd" from The Sound of Music and then I proceeded to quote the rest of the movie with songs included! No joke. I didn't think I could do that. And we were laughing a lot because of me trying to imitate every voice influxion that they made in the movie. I guess it pays off that I watched that movie so many times as a kid. And it proves that it's my favorite.

On Friday we went and saw McFarland USA which is all about high school cross country running so guess who had the biggest grin on his face when we got out of the theater? Yup. Austin was beaming the WHOLE time. It brought back great memories of his high school cross country days. I on the other hand was mostly crying-it was pretty tender.

The only good picture we got on the City Creek trails because it was raining so much

Panoramic view from the top of Red Rock Hill

Holding on to that railing for dear life because we're afraid of heights

It looks like I'm smelling my armpit but I was really trying to kiss my muscles like a Greek God but alas it didn't work
On Red Rock Hill

Today, May 24th, we are exactly a combined 50 years old!

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  1. Austin is a great guy! We think you maDE a great choice there! I loved the sound of music recitation. So funny.