Thursday, November 13, 2014

The last of summer and snippets of September and October

The tail end of my Spring semester happened with a flood which you can read about here. Talk about an experience!

But in August, after having our Lewis family reunion, only just a few days after we got home, we made a 12 hour trip there and back to Utah for the Ogden Temple Open House. When we can, we want to take the time and sacrifice to make family events because we know how important that is to building a good family relationships. Since we are the only Doutre's outside of Utah, we feel this pull to make more of an effort. We couldn't pass up going to a Temple! We love Temples. Austin and I have had the privilege to work as ordinance workers in the Rexburg Temple for 1-2 years. It's the best blessing in our marriage and life thus far. One of those blessings is seeing miracles in people's lives. That might sound super cheesy and superficial but it's true. And sometimes the miracle that I thought was for someone else turns out to be for me as well. You can read about one of those experiences here. I debated whether to share it or not but I feel testifying of God's goodness and love needs to be shared.

The Ogden temple is beautiful as I knew it would be but I didn't realize how big it would be. It was amazing. When I was heading to Ajo for the Lewis reunion, I stayed with Aunt Meredith for a night in Ogden. She was in charge of the music for her stake for the cultural celebration that would happen the day before the rededication. It was fun to hear the music that they would sing and her stories of how she was trying to find a pianist and all the stresses that go along with teaching teenagers how to sing! :) Wish I could have seen it.

In September, Austin got to go to STEM fair at BYU Provo. This was a great opportunity for him to meet with prospective companies. I was so impressed with him that he just got there and went to a company he had no expectations for and they actually wanted to have him come for an interview. Even though it didn't work out, we are blessed because it gave him motivation for future opportunities and landed him an internship in Pocatello. He also got to meet up with Emily and her boyfriend Bronson for some free pizza and BYUtv screen time as he got into the BYU woman's volleyball game, thanks to Emily for letting him use your all-sports pass. It was actually really fun to see him at the game while I was watching it at home and texting about it at the same time. Apparently he had a sign that says 'I love my wife' that he held up trying to see if I could see it but sadly the guy in front was blocking the way. Such a funny guy! He also told me that Anson Winder was at the game and where he was sitting. I think I was more proud that he actually knew who Anson Winder was. #itaughthimwell

Hanging with the Bubs

In October, we went to General Conference! It's always so great to be in the presence of apostles and prophets. We came away inspired to be better and do more. I also had the great desire to read more. Here's why:

Lately, I've been wanting to be better about studying my scriptures but didn't know where to start. I don't even know what got me to think about this but I decided to look up every cross reference in each verse. Do you know how long it took me to finish the 1st chapter of Nephi? ONE WEEK! It was insane. At the same time, I write down my impressions in a journal. In the last few weeks of doing this, I have seen the scriptures differently and have had specific impressions that I wouldn't have had otherwise. It's also given me a greater desire to thirst after more knowledge. I love the website Go check it out.

During Conference weekend, we also went to the BYU vs Utah State game, thanks to Gary and A-A for getting us tickets. Sadly they lost and it was the first of four games in a row that they would lose. They haven't done a 5 game losing streak in 44 years. When they beat Middle Tennessee to end the 4 game losing streak, I told Dad that thank goodness they didn't lose because it's been 44 years since that happen and that's longer than when it took to build the Salt Lake Temple! Dad being Dad said, "That means the Church is true!"

Alice-Anne and Gary were also kind to let us stay at their house and eat their delicious food. Next to seeing their family, that's my next favorite part ;) jk AA! Emily, AA, and I also had some girl bonding time doing some shopping. Mere and Bryan's family were also there which was so fun! I remember last Conference when she totally surprised me. And of course, a great factor in going down to Utah is to see Mom and Dad. A few hours before we needed to leave, Gary shoos Mom and I out to go somewhere to talk. He definitely knows that us Lewis girls need Mom time and so I was grateful for that little push out the door because it's always the best to talk with Mom.
Outside the visitor's center. 

Love this woman!
It was so fun to see Becca for the first time since getting home after her mission to Germany. 

I love it when your nieces become your friends. 


  1. So fun to read your update and see your beautiful pictures. We're so happy Austin received that internship. glad you came to conference. I loved that one-on-one time to visit with you. I now know who Anson Winder is now, too. :)

  2. Love reading your updates Julues! You are such a great example of faithful follower of Christ!