Friday, November 1, 2013

October highlights!

I'm laughing to myself that after reading September highlights from my sisters today, I've decided I'm going to skip September all together and jump right into October. Reason being is September was constant stress of preparing for tenants to come and then figuring out all the ins and outs of being a manager. But we did manage to go to the Mindy Gledhill concert so that was worth it:)

October has been quite eventful! And I actually managed to snag a couple pictures.

Can you tell what Austin used for more light before we got a lamp...?

Going to Utah for General Conference. Best two weekends of the year. Amazed that we got to be so close in the Saturday afternoon session and getting surprised to see Mere and her family! It was great to see Hudson for the first time. Cutest little guy. It was fun staying with the Doutre's and seeing their new home. It's beautiful and I even got to run around their neighborhood. I'm convinced that I want to live in a place like that. We loved getting to be with all of their family (minus Cami) and celebrating Nathan's birthday. Eden and Brigham are getting so big and I can't believe how much Ryan and Brigham look a like. It's so fun that they are close in age too. Eden's word for yep is 'gup'. She is so adorable!
We snagged some childhood keepsakes like this gem...

Austin's Mission reunion-Our first stop on our way to Utah for Conference was for Austin's mission reunion. We brought homemade bread as they were having borsch (I think that's how you spell it). It's a different tasting kind of soup but it's pretty good when you dip lots of bread into it. Sadly none of his companions were there but still fun.

Having Dani's family come stay a night-a few days after we got home from General Conference, Dani, Nic, and Ry guy stayed with us for a night so they could attend "Family Weekend" at Pocatello with Nic's brother, Paul, who is attending ISU. We just ate and talked and it was just great hanging out with them. Come again Davis'!

Lots of BYU football games in the Crossroads with friends-Because half of BYU games are on channels that don't exist on our cable, the Crossroads (kind of like the Wilk Center) plays all the games on a 20 foot screen. They pull a great crowd and there are sweet food deals so it's a fun environment to watch a great game (especially the one against Houston-amazing!!) We usually get together with Sam and Preston Merrell and their cute boy, Aaron for these games. They are managers as well in our company and it's so fun to watch with them. It's one of the few times that Aaron comes to me because he gets to play with my waterbottle (it's the one that you push a button and the sucker part comes out. He never gets tired of it either:)
Aaron dancing, more like flapping his arms, on the table during commercials. 

Austin's bottle rocket competition-This is the 2nd annual bottle rocket contest that the Mechanical Engineer society puts on through the school. Austin was so excited for this and designed a pretty sweet bottle rocket. Unfortunately he failed to read the directions carefully on what was expected so his didn't work:( But hot chocolate made up for it!

 Watching this cute girl, Wendy. She is one of the manager's daughter.

 She wanted to take a look at the picture first!

Austin volunteering with engineering at the temple-Austin's dream job in the whole world is to be an engineer for the temple. He loves to do more with less and save money by making things more efficient. And I guess that's the kind of work engineers do at the temple-help the Church save money by making things run smoother and easier. He got an 'in' with the engineer that works at the Rexburg Temple and he encouraged him to be a volunteer as an engineer for 4 hours a week. This could help him an establishing a possible job as an assistant engineer and work his way further. He's a pretty happy guy to say the least!

Being called as an ordinance worker-I've been wanting to be an ordinance worker for a long time and I figured this might be my only chance until I'm 60. I've been having this itching to increase my level of work in areas of the gospel and doing a little bit more missionary work. I'll be working with Austin in the 5AM shift on Saturday mornings. This wasn't my first choice (as I thought at first Austin was going to stop working so he could do volunteering) but this is where they most needed people. Thankfully Austin is going to continue staying on and I'm so excited to work in the temple starting November 2nd!

Chili party for the tenants-We have over 500 tenants distributed between 3 managers so trying to decide how much to buy was the tricky part. We felt bad for the cashier who had to handle all of our food and coupons and trying to do 3 transactions and such. I ended up cooking 10lbs of meat while watching 3 hours of Lark Rise to Candleford. I had no idea it took so long to cook meat. That same night, some tenants from one apartment came in saying that their fridge and freezer was starting to warm up rather than cooling down. So they distributed their food to other apartments and put some milk and eggs in my fridge. I bet they got a kick of seeing Austin in his snowflake pajama bottoms and his 'G-rated' T-shirt :)
p.s. In case you're wondering what Lark Rise it-it's a delightful period drama series with great characters. It's a bit of breather after watching the DRAMATIC Downton Abbey. It was a nice break for sure:)

 Manager Halloween party-Austin and I had the hardest time figuring out what to be for Halloween. We felt like it should fit our personalities and lo and behold we were recycle bins (sord of). If that doesn't explain our personality, I don't know what does! We had T-shirts and then we had boxes where on the front it says 'we recycle' and the recycle symbol. Inside the box we had our cans, milk jugs, etc.  Us managers and assistants managers with our husbands got together for a Halloween party and dressed up, brought food, and played group charades. Funny moment about that evening with our recycle boxes is that the little boy Aaron likes to throw things in the garbage and so when Austin saw him playing with our milk jugs, he thought it was so great..until he started to take the jug to the garbage! Haha
This is what our recycle area looks like (all of those cans are because of the chili party)
Wendy as a lady bug.
Aimee as a flower in the sky, Nathan as the bug catcher, and Michelle as Mary Poppins.

Aaron as a fierce lion! He has the cutest roar! And A-A, Kenna is not the only child who loves the song "Brave". This kid will ONLY dance to that song!

Here's our shirts. I'll try to get the picture from Sam that she took of Austin and I and our whole get-up. It was pretty awesome!


  1. Loved this Julia!!! Thanks for writing. That's so cool you're an ordinance worker. I hope your first day went well. And you can tell Austin, I've actually eaten borsch before! Something I'll never forget!

  2. THat's awesome you are now an ordinance worker! Hope it all went well!! Obviously I need to call you and catch up :) and ps I just love your costumes! You guys are so cool!