Friday, October 31, 2014

Austin's internship

We've been praying and hoping that Austin would find an internship for the Winter so he can officially graduate in April. In our minds, this would be the 'ideal' so we were hoping that it was what the Lord wanted too. Austin has put himself out there by going to the STEM fair at BYU, he did mock interviews, resume reviews, etc. to prepare for the Career Fair at BYU-Idaho. It's kind of a miracle that he got this internship.

The night before the Career Fair, there was a info meeting for ON Semiconductors. Austin went to it having no expectations because this isn't the field of engineering he's familiar with. It's more for computer software engineers and Austin doesn't know too much of that, only working with finite analysis and working for two years on campus as the SharePoint tech for Student Support. But afterwards he just started talking to the guy who presented and asked him several questions. The guy said that he should stop by at their booth at the Career Fair and give them their resume and bring some finite analysis work that he's been doing this semester. Austin of course spent a lot of time that night polishing his resume so it would show more of his skills that they were looking for. He handed the company his resume at the Career Fair and they prompty set up an interview with him for later that day. He arrived early for the interview and noticed another man from the company that he saw the previous evening. They struck up a conversation and Austin found out that this guy is actually the 'boss' for the people he was about to interview with. They found a great connection with Boeing where this guy worked but just at a different plant than Austin's Dad and lived on South Hill (Puyallup peeps would know what that means). After their conversation, the people called Austin in for the interview and the 'boss' said, "Well I basically already had his interview and I feel good about him". Talk about a boost! Austin got some great tips at the mock interview he had that week and so the people were impressed with him and he showed them his work.

The guy he met earlier from the night before was at the interview and asked if he would like to come that evening after his night class and look at a project that a student was working on for him and see if Austin would be interetsed in helping him out. It sounds like these kind of projects are ones that get published so a real learning curve and an experience that Austin would love to take. He spent about two hours with them and the guy (should probably figure out his name) said that all they have to do now is open up a position and officially hire him. And that's just what happened. They opened up the position, Austin sent in his resume and they called him a couple of days later and offered him the internship!

It's amazing and such a blessing. The internship is with ON Semiconductors and it's in Pocatello so it will be a little tricky because Austin will live there while he works and come home on the weekends. It's the best for us financially and it's kind of a long story with managing and I feel it's best to stay here. Luckily Cami will be home from her mission and will be here so I'm hoping she comes to hang out and eat dinner with me. Oh and get her addicted to Lark Rise to Candleford, that's my other plan. :)

This is also an invitation for people to come visit (Emily!) jk. This just means that I will be reading lots, working on craft projects, and preparing for us to move in April. I can't believe we're almost there!


  1. This is so awesome! We are so proud of you Austin. What an answer to your prayers. You were well prepared, and what a tender mercy to connect with the "boss" and let him get to know what a great guy you are. You two are so great. We hope the time will go by quickly when you're apart. So nice you'll be able to graduate in April.

  2. So cool!! Congrats to both of you, what an awesome tender mercy. The Lord works in mysterious ways.....I'm sure this wasn't your ideal but hopefully you'll look back on it and it will be a huge blessing.
    Being apart is not fun.....I can empathize with you there, so call me lots!

  3. Oh how wonderful! What a blessing. The Lord is so mindful of us and his plan is always the better plan than what we have in mind. I haven't heard of this Lark Rise to Candleord, I better look into it. :)