Monday, August 25, 2014

More Ajo reunion pics

These are pretty random but just highlighting some of the things we got to do and a little of what Ajo looks like. I forgot to mention we went swimming everyday and it was fun to share a hotel room with Mere and the kiddos and have great late night chats. Thanks Mere for the fun time!

Dancing with Evelyn after the 4th of July parade

These old time pictures were put up around the gym at the Church where most of our events were held. Some of them I had never seen before!

Christian and Evelyn with Grandpa next to his siblings' graves

On the plaza and behind us is the Federated Church (white) and then the Curley school in the distance. 'A' mountain is behind the school. 

Beautiful Grandma Myreel

Love the mother/son photo

Inside the Federated Church practicing the Star Spangled Banner for the parade

Aunt Myreel speaking and all the rest of Dad's siblings up on the stand: Corwin, Dad, Grandpa, Dantzelle, Stayner, Malin, Wick, Delon, Duraye, and Durelle. Dantzelle and Stayner are hard to see as they are right behind Myreel

Mom thought Julia Vance looks a lot like Grandma Myreel here :)

Uncle Wick leading us in song

All the brothers singing a few hymns

Grandpa Malin. Handsome man :)

Heading towards the plaza near the end of the parade

All 11 kids!

Hudson and Grandma-so cute!

Malin and Sally's family opening up the reunion (this was the gym inside the Curley school)

This is the first church Dad attended before it became a Baptist church (correct me if I'm wrong Dad). He showed us all the rooms where he attended Primary and Sunday School

Grandma and Grandpa Lewis' first home after moving to Ajo

Hanging out in the dairy farm office with the old typewriter that they used to use

Outside the dairy farm office

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  1. We are so glad you could join us in Ajo for the reunion. Great write up!