Monday, August 25, 2014

Ajo Lewis Reunion 2014

I'm so glad I got to go my Dad's extended family reunion in Ajo, Arizona. My camera didn't have enough memory so I only got photos of our tour during the reunion but I got some from Mom's camera that I'll share. The videographer did such a great job capturing all the moments of the reunion. Wish it would load on here! It was so fun to catch up with cousins that I hadn't seen in years, endless supply of ice cream, games and fireworks at the park, FHE in the chapel where Grandma Lewis spoke to all of us for about 30 minutes, and a couple of classes for everyone to attend. Grandma's memory and clarity is amazing despite that she can't see or hear very well. She goes to the temple every month and attends all her meetings each week even though it's hard to hear and see. She told Aunt Myreel that she does it because she wants to show the Lord that she loves Him. I'm really grateful for the legacy that I have!

The Curley school where Dad went to Junior high. 

The hospital that Dad was born in as well as his 11 other siblings. 

Pictures from the dairy farm office

Inside Grandpa Lewis' office

Exact spot where Dad proposed to Mom!

First home at the dairy farm before building the other one.

Dad in Grandpa's old dairy hat. I think he looks a lot like Grandpa here. 

Malin and Sally's home. They were so great in preparing everything for this reunion!

At the Federated Church.

Visiting Aunt Ardene and Uncle Selwyn's graves that are right next to the LDS Church. 

Taking a tour of the Curley school.

Parade time!

Over 180 of us!

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  1. We are blessed to belong to this great heritage Your camera captured some great pictures.