Monday, August 25, 2014

Lewis Family Reunion! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

So many great memories made during our Lewis family reunion! Seven out of the nine kids were there so that meant 18 grandkids from ages 2-12 were present. We really missed having Mere and Bryan's family who stayed because Evelyn started kindergarten that same week as well as Crismon and Danielle who are in Taiwan as Crismon is studying school there and Danielle is teaching. Here are pics highlighting the week.

 Hiking the gorge with Seth and Dallin's family.

Seeing Bubs after 18 months! There is a pic from Mom of our reunion but this will have to do for now. So glad she's home!

Love this guy. 

Coloring my hair!
Kaeley knows how to ham it up for the camera and Daisy is not so sure about that lasagna ;)

Dinner and dessert at the Church (from left: Julia, Sydney, Kenna, Preston, and Clark)

Mom and A-A
The craziness in trying to get a family picture together
What a great posterity, Mom and Dad!
Our true selves.

Emily reporting about her mission serving in Argentina Nequen. 

Mom and Dad speaking about KATs (Keep, Always, Take) and OWLs (Obey, Work, Love)

Ruby and Norah. Cutest twins ever!
Poor Isaac broke his arm the next day (Monday) at the start of our reunion but still a happy kid!

Julia as a mermaid.

"My lip gloss is poppin, my lip is cool. All the boys keep talking. They chase me after school." Our lip sync song from Lil Mama called "Lip Gloss".  It only won our lip sync challenge during the Doutre reunion so we thought we should do an encore performance;) I never want to see the video though! Haha

Best buds! Seriously though. Asher loves Austin! He told him, "I love you like a million times a thousand!" He was officially the favorite uncle at this reunion. Almost every picture of the kids, he was in it as well. I married a kid at heart:)

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  1. You two added so much fun to our reunion! We loved getting better acquainted with Austin. He is definitely a keeper. And earned his role as "Favorite Uncle." Thanks for all you did to help and for bringing us so much joy. Come again, soon!