Monday, August 25, 2014

2nd annual Mayfest and other Spring moments

Let's catch up, shall we?! It's only been about 3 or so months...

Austin and I love celebrating out birthdays just 2 weeks apart because for one, you get to use free Cold Stone coupons twice in 2 weeks if you want to and we get to spoil each other with our favorite foods. We're all about food around here. In fact, Dani, Austin's sister, gave us the idea of what our Mayfest should be called: gour-May. Simply brilliant! Because really, I focus more time and thought in what I'm going to make for birthday dinners than what I'm going to get for Austin's birthday.
For example, I didn't do so well this year in making Austin's b-day super awesome with gift wise (I'm still making up for that bit) but I did slave a while making my first Italian homemade lasagna and that was delicious! Then we chatted with my sister Emily who is in Argentina for Mother's Day. Afterwards, we went to Stake Conference and came back and had oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip bars. So divine!

Going back to the beginning of the school semester, Austin decided to take classes so now he'll be officially done with classes come December! Then all he has to do is an internship and then he's done with his undergrad! Woot! We'll probably stick around Rexburg till April because he's hoping to get an internship locally and then graduate April 2015. Then who knows where we'll be!
Spring got off to a good start with managing, then a week later we had a fire in one of the apartments. There is never a dull moment in my job. Most exciting thing since our drug bust last semester (NOT)! #copsarehereallthetime

We've really been blessed this semester with a lot of great things going on. At the end of April, we got called to be veil coordinators for our Sat morning temple shift. Talk about a learning experience. It's gotten a lot better and easier but man that first week by ourselves was a nightmare! It was the first time I wanted to leave the temple early because it was going to so bad! Let's just say that being where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there is my new favorite motto. I can't do anything without the good people that come as workers. So do your Church calling, people! That's all:)

We hiked up R Mountain again on Memorial day. We were there for about 3 hours and I think that put me in a heat shock that rest of the day because I was soooo exhausted the rest of the day and threw up that night. Kind of makes me nervous for the Ajo reunion. More sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat should do the trick...hopefully!

The night before Memorial Day, we decided to go around campus and take pictures and take some pictures at the Rexburg Temple. It was funny because we were walking towards an open field to snag a picture and as if we stepped in the wrong place, the sprinklers came right on and Austin got wet pretty bad in the back. It was fun to reminisce about different classes we've taken in different buildings and the places we've worked on campus. I was thinking about it and I've taken a class from every single building on campus except one. We really do love this place.

Where I worked as a Religion TA. Best. job. ever.

Hinckley building. Where we fell in love...

Ricks building. Where I spent most of my time studying Psychology. 

Austin spends 10+ hours every week at the Temple. It's like his 2nd home.

The Austin building. That's really what it's called but it's also Austin's building because that's where all the engineering classes are. 

That next Saturday was my 24th birthday! It was a really nice, chill day. We worked in the temple, opened presents, ate lunch, watch studio c sketches, took a nap, Austin mowed while I talked with family members. I was so distracted from doing anything else. It was so fun! Then we got gelatis and went to the play "The Importance of Being Earnest" that was showing on campus. One of my favorite plays of all time. I could go see it again, it was that good. Austin and I were dying because we actually got the jokes. Witty humor at its finest. We didn't realize it until then but Austin's old roommate was in it as well as the main character works at the temple with us.

Yes A-A I know that pic looks familiar but in my efforts to become like you I also need the same decorations as you ;) But in the last year, this story has had more meaning for me than ever before. 

I always have to put in a plug-in for the good enterntainment out there like Lark Rise:) Did we mention we love the new Hallmark TV series "When Calls the Heart"? I don't care what you say or how cheesy it is (because I know it is) but that's the kind of stuff we like! Can't go wrong with a little Canadian Western and a fine looking Mountie (don't worry, Austin has a man crush on him too).
Oh and if you haven't already, check out the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day concert with Santino Fontana. We just put it on sometimes if we want something fun to listen to around the house because it's so great!

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  1. What a fun couple you guys are! I loved reading about your birthdays, temple experiences and all you're doing in Rexburg. We are so proud of y guys!