Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I know

I may not be an eloquent writer but I feel like I should write down my thoughts of recent things that has 'stirred my soul' as one would say. When I first heard of LDS women protesting to get into the priesthood session, I was like 'why??' and then I started reading quotes from people who were saying that some day women will get the priesthood and what not and I was upset and got anxiety because I was so frustrated that people would try to put thoughts into people's mind that this one day 'could' happen. But it can't! People say God can change His mind and do things differently later but the scriptures say that God does not change. If He did, He would cease to be God.
If you think about it, the reason why the Church was organized the way it is, is not made clear but we know that God is all knowing and so He knows what's best for His children (we need to trust Him- I'm talking to myself right now) to gain eternal life and exaltation. The way He does this is through the gospel and governed in the Church by the priesthood keys. Men are not the priesthood and the influence of the priesthood power is administered greatly when men and women are working side by side in the ward, stake, Church to build up the kingdom of God.
Austin is an a teachings of the living Prophets class where they were discussing this issue of the priesthood and the protest and his teacher said that they wouldn't have this mindset if they knew the doctrine. God's work and His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. The distinct, different, but equally valued roles of men and women are instruments in bringing about this purpose of God's work. Women have the gift of bearing and nurturing children. That is their primary role. When a woman is going through labor, the man really can't do much except be there by her side and help her be calm (I'm sure they do more just haven't experienced that one yet!) but men physically cannot bear the child so it's the woman's primary role to do so and nurture the child through feeding. When a man is baptizing that child at 8, the woman can't do a whole lot except maybe bring the treats and pictures. So exercising the priesthood is his primary role. They're complimentary and equal to God but they are not the same. This is how He organized His Church and we really should not waste our time trying to change it. This is just my thought and it's a little far stretch but we were talking tonight in Institute about Satan and his plan was a rebellious one and he wanted to change God's plan. In a sense, when we protest and try to change what God has already established, we are acting in a state of rebellion.
Reading Elder Ballard's talk I felt the need to defend Him. And His kingdom. I know He lives. It is true and this is His work.


  1. Well said, sweet Julia. It is a tough topic as there are those who struggle with what they feel is inequality in the Church, especially when it comes to leadership roles. While it saddens me that there are protests and challenges, the silver lining may be that over the coming months and years the questioning will help the Brethren determine what are "traditions in the Church" and what are doctrinally founded truths that are immutable. Thank you for doing what Elder Ballard asks all of us to day: stand up for Heavenly Father and truth.

  2. Good for you, Julia! I'm so proud of you for standing up for truth. Satan wants all of us to be distracted from our purpose and our mission. When we spend time rebelling against what God has established, we follow that same pattern as Satan, and we are no longer focusing on our true purpose and potential. Instead of gaining more we diminish ourselves and head down the wrong path that can eventually lead to destruction.

  3. Thanks, Julia for your thoughts. Love your passion!