Friday, March 1, 2013

Of promptings...

I feel like the sweetest moments in one's life is where when prompted to act, did it, and saw the miracle or the reason behind it all far distant than when it happened. Such instant happened to me a year ago today for which I'm forever grateful that I listened. I guess since Austin and I are still very much newlyweds, the only thing I am allowed to talk about excessively is about our relationship. I love the way we met and the way that our relationship has developed. Being in a married ward and hearing people's stories of how they got together, I realize how precious and special mine is. I know everyone has their own revelation and insights about when it happened for them but looking back on mine, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I didn't even notice how that Lord was working through my life at the time but I just listened and acted and I saw the fruits of that and am still seeing the fruits of that.

A year ago on March 1st, I was heading to Institute as usual and I distinctly remember getting a text between the hart building to the i-center from my friend Alexa Pace who meets me there at institute. She said that she couldn't make it tonight because she was overwhelmed with a lot to do but would try to make it next week. I got off the phone with her and the first thing that came to my mind that instant was that Austin was going to be there and you were going to talk to him. That stunned me because that was not my thoughts but I believe it was another voice to prompt to act. I was very excited of course but I had a crush on him for a month and was just waiting for him to come to institute again since he missed for several weeks. He wasn't there at beginning when I walked into the chapel but as I was reading my scriptures he comes over and hesitantly sits next to me. (I want to believe that he was prompted to do that probably not knowing why :) I didn't realize until about a month later that he invited a girl to come to institute that same night but bless her heart she never showed up. I remember I was wearing my purple shirt and gray jacket and my hair was in a half pony tail. We smiled shyly and then tried to remember each other's name (yeah I had no problem with that but totally pretended that I did). Then I believe we shared the hymn book to sing. Then as we were walking to class he asked how it's been and where we are. It was pretty natural and I just sat next to him which I've been wanting to do all semester.

We meet in the other classroom for treats and it was the funniest thing because we just stayed next to each other the whole time like we planned coming together as friends even though we just met. It was neat because I was talking to Bro. Stucki and he was next to me talking to Mike H. Just in the small moment, I thought "this is what it will be like if we're married". Then we just naturally left together. It was crazy because we planned none of this and I never thought it could be more natural than that. I didn't have to force myself to walk home with me, he just did.

On the walk home, we went by the library where he was going to do homework and I was going to the I-center to go run (perfect option I had that night because he loves running and always wanted to marry a runner...even though I'm real slow :) I remember our conversations walking down the way from the Hinckley building on the sidewalk by the Health center parking lot and him very reluctantly saying, "I'm not much of a conversationalist." I think a few years ago if a guy told me that I would be like "see ya later! Not my type. I want someone who can talk...maybe like my Dad." But I said, that's okay and just get carrying a conversation and without him knowing he was doing a good portion of the talking and right then I knew that he liked older people, we had a mutual friend, Josh Dustin, Meet the Robinsons, and how he wanted to just skip the dating game and get married and have a family. At first, that took me back a little but then I said. well duh I want to marry someone who wants to get married and have a family. It sounds like to me he has his priorities straight.

We get to the spot where you go down the stairs to the library and I go down the other stairs to the I-center. In my mind I'm thinking I'm not going to see this kid for a week, if that, I got to do something! I quickly had the thought that was brought up by Mike M in our class that evening. He said something to the effect that it's better to do something in the moment than to regret it later. So I said, "hey I have some of my fhe coming over dinner to my place before the CES fireside. Do you want to come?" Then he got my number and all was set for Sunday.

March 1st I attribute to the day that Austin and I "officially" met and where the fun begins in our relationship. I'm so glad that I was acquainted with even just a small portion of the Spirit to help me to recognize a prompting and then act on it. I've never been more blessed in my life because of a simple quiet voice.
Every day from that point he's always on my mind.

I just love this guy

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