Wednesday, February 20, 2013

some randomness

I'm listening to "Boat Song" by JJ Heller (the one that we danced to at our reception). So good. Lately in the Doutre household we have been eating lots of good food. I ventured out to make my first pizza, first set of rolls-for a party none the less (I should have thought of something that I already knew was going to taste good) but alas I just went with it and they are wonderful! I'm unlike every other blogger in the world who takes pictures of their food but maybe I will...someday so sorry you'll just have to imagine goodness. If you don't believe my cooking is not half bad, Austin's actually gained weight and if you know him that is quite an accomplishment! Funny note: when he was telling me that he could tell he was gaining weight I said, "oh man you'll have to get new clothes." He quickly piped in and said, "no this means I'll actually fit into my clothes!" Haha!
Speaking of clothes, I really like Austin's wardrobe...since we're practically the same size I thought why buy new clothes when I can just wear my husband's awesome t-shirts! :) (Don't worry Mom I won't...)

I got a new hair cut, 6 inches to be exact. Austin and I were trying to find ways to save money and since he can cut his own hair he was thinking about cutting (more like trimming) my hair. I was all for it because knowing Austin he would do a very good job and getting it to be the same length but since we prolonged it, I couldn't take it after I had a dream that I cut my hair and then I touched it and noticed that it was still long. So it is off! With bangs which is a first for me.

Since Austin is always busy with school I try to busy myself with books and good movies. I've already read the Help and Goose Girl (loved them both). Now I'm reading Guersney Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (I have never read anything more witty!) and Team of Rivals about Abraham Lincoln. It may take me a year to read it but I feel like I need to challenge my brain again.

Basically this post is meant to explain that we are average young marrieds that LOVE being in LOVE. :) Peace.

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