Saturday, January 26, 2013

first meet and greet

For the time being this year while Austin and I are married I'll just highlight dates for us from the time we met to the time we got married. All of these dates are according to my journal (thank goodness I had the habit of writing in my journal to have all of this down).

January 26, 2012 was the day that we officially met one another at Institute. We introduced ourselves in the class and when I found out that he was a Doutre I had to ask about Dani. So there is a part after class where we have treats and before I left I snuck in and asked him he was Dani's sister (I was really flustered to talk to him...cuz I thought he was really cute) but he quickly corrected me and then I asked how she was and he told me that she'll probably get engaged soon. That was about it. But we both texted each of our sisters that night saying that we met one another. I didn't realize this until two days later when Mere called to say that she talked to Dani and that she had revelation that we needed to get together. I remember thinking about that possibility all day and loving it...and secretly hoping that it would actually happen...

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