Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Engagid to be marred...but now marred (I meant to spell it wrong:)

We haven't even been married for two weeks but it has gone by so fast and it seems like we've been married for a lot longer! Everything that day (Dec 29th, 2012) went so well, nearly flawless I feel (but then again I wasn't behind the scene for the craziness that could have been happening)... :)

We're grateful to so many who gave us some furniture and those who helped move it. Things are everywhere still and it's hard to have a ton of motivation to move everything in when you know you're going to move in just two months from now. Our apartment is kind of funny because we don't have a shower rod yet (didn't know we needed one till we got here) so we just taped the shower curtain but on a couple of occasions while taking a shower it has fallen down on me. The oven sets off the fire alarm every time we use it so we put a plastic bag over the fire alarm. I don't believe any of our doors shut completely...even the front door but all in all it's still pretty great! :) Here are some pictures from the wedding. I'm really glad I married this guy and I get to keep finding why for a very long time... :)


  1. Could you guys look anymore BEAUTIFUL and anymore in LOVE? I like your design of your blog!

  2. Ah Julia you and your husband are so cute. This made me want to get married so bad. ha, and it doesn't help that he makes you BREAKFAST in the morning. Seriously I don't think you guys could get any cuter, congratulations!

    Also, I'm being nosy but what temple is that? I can't tell and it's driving me crazy!