Monday, August 7, 2017

Tidbit Lessons Learned Last Week

This last week has been an interesting one since we've been without a car and internet. We do have quite of bit of data rolled over from previous months so that's helped but overall it means that I need to come to campus and pound out all that I need to do on my laptop and download all the podcasts I want to listen to that day or for the week. It's been funny to notice that I actually have been getting blog posts out quicker than normal because it seems like I have a deadline to get to. 

All in all, it has been an eye opener to me that when I do have internet at my fingertips, I probably don't use it as wisely. I see it as I'll get around to blogging later because I can do it whenever so I'll do something else on the internet which probably wasn't that useful (like I just pull up Twitter on here...). Anyway, even though I do have data and I'm still connected in some ways, I've tried to delete the Instagram account on my phone as soon as I'm done looking at things while I'm on campus. I realized that with or without data, when it was accessible, it was a huge time sucker. Because I was looking at pretty pictures like from restoring photography Instagram. I want to be able to buy some of her photos. They are just so pretty. 

On that little note about Instagram...I did make a bookish account. Is that totally cheesy to do? Oh well, just did. I'm not very creative in cute pictures. I kind of always thought covers can do it justice but I appreciate those who do make pretty pictures. It's called juliasbookbench. Picture above is what got me thinking about the title. The reason I did it is I thought it'll be a fun and creative outlet for something that I love and connecting with people who like it too. And it might also be a great ploy to get more recommendations. :) 

And then on other side notes because of less internet and transportation, I have been flying through books like crazy. I don't normally finish 4 books in a week but that's what happened. I'm cocking it up in my head that I read faster because I'm in a new apartment and the setting is just making my mind read faster. ;) I don't know how long that excuse will last but I will take it because there are so many books on TBR. And it doesn't help that I started Gone With The Wind and it's about 1,037 pages. Yowzers. 

Things I have been listening to this last week from Bold New Mom that I really enjoyed:

Have a great week!


  1. Julia, you're amazing! I love that you're writing more on your blog. You finished reading 4 books last week. Oh my! Incredible! I enjoyed reading this post with Dad. Love you!

  2. 4 books in one week? I need to turn off my internet!! ;) that's awesome! I love that you are my personal Librarian and I can ask for book suggestions at anytime :)