Friday, August 4, 2017

Doutre Family Reunion

The Doutre family reunions can be summed up in hashtags, movie quotes, and YouTube videos. They are so fun to be around. We didn't venture out many places this reunion but we were all content to hang out and chat and do water fights in the backyard and play lots of Kubb (it's this fun lawn game that I'm now wanting).

On Monday we went to Eagle Mountain so we can take back this handcart that ended up at Nic and Dani's house (long story). Perfect day to do it since it was Pioneer Day. We got a lot of laughs and people videoing us in the neighborhood. Then our service project was cleaning up the stake center grounds. They've gotten a lot of junk from the construction across the street.

Then we had a water fight that evening and lit off fireworks. The adults did the couple challenge (similar to minute-to-win-it) and then Austin and I showed them the hilarious stand up comedy routine on VidAngel. It's called Composed. I think that was my 4th time watching it and still makes me laugh every time.

Tuesday we took family pictures then played basketball at the Church. The ladies that afternoon had a little book club talking about the book Essentialism: The Discipline Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.  We had some really interesting discussions. That night we did a murder mystery dinner (but after dinner when the kids were in bed). That was fun, I've never done one like that before. My character was apparently the future female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger and my boyfriend was this pale sickly fellow (supposed to be Austin) haha. His description was he would be the most handsome boy in school if he wasn't so pale and skinny.

Wednesday was pretty low key all around, we did the Doutube contest that afternoon, and then Cami's best friends Mariah and Tyler came with Mariah's mom and Emily and Bronson came over and then I saw Alice-Anne later that night. It was so fun to visit with everyone so thanks Gardner's and A-A for coming!

Here are pictures to recap the reunion...

Meeting Peter for the first time. He is adorable! Almost a month old here. 

Trying to calm the crying "baby". 

I realize this looks like Bree's baby but it's not, she's just the favorite aunt. :)

Probably my favorite picture of the week. 

And now for some pictures from the fancy camera...
Me and da Bubs.

 We all looked pale that day because of this organic sunscreen we all put on that afternoon haha.

 Murder mystery dinner photo shoot. I'm supposed to be female Arnold Schwarzenegger all over my pale sickly boyfriend. Can you tell? ;)

Ruth's first birthday. Didn't know what to do with the cake but got the hang of it once she tasted it. 
Peter and his cool. 
Sorry I know there's a lot of pictures of us but...oh well, I like them all. :)

Already can't wait for our next Doutre get together! 

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  1. Looooooove all the pictures! so cute! The doutre babies are cute!
    I love the one of Ruth holding the cupcake! haha And the selfie of you guys in the hats is sooo cute