Monday, October 31, 2016

October Life Through My Phone

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." -Anne of Green Gables

 Absolute beauty at the arboretum this time of year. 

 Austin and I relishing playing Aquire. When it's just us two we have "Mr. Merdle" play. He's the fictional character (a banker) in Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit. He's always making this game entertaining!
 Shoe pic at the arboretum in between sessions of General Conference (tradition). 
 This picture reminded us of Elder Cook's talk about those electrical lines. One perspective could be that they're blocking the view but on the other perspective, it's a reminder of electricity and the simplicity of life that brings. 
I just really liked this picture. Out of small and simple things...
 My Dad twinning with Elder Ballard after Stake Conference. We loved hearing about his experience with him there. What a neat opportunity for my Dad. He asked the stake leaders to fast for Stake Conference and the night he was driving home to break his fast, Craig Ballard, Elder Ballard's son and mission president in Portland, asked if he would like Elder Ballard to come to their Stake Conference. Pretty neat!
 Found this gem in Carol's closet. I was going to be Anastasia this year for Halloween with that dress (you know, the ship seem where they danced?) but maybe I'll do it next year.
 More beauty at the arboretum.
 The car overheated on the highway going to work. I had to pull over, call Austin, be in a panic, and finally got it towed to the shop. It costs a lot but worth it to get it fixed. 
 We discovered the best non-dairy ice cream out there. Can't go back to any old stuff now. 
This is on our last Moscow run right before she moved. She waved to all the places she loved here as we were driving back to her house. 
View from my car.
 Bringing out his emo look.
We were the black-eyed peas this year. Yet we're so white.

The best curry I've made. Leftovers right before we head to do a session at the temple.
Classic Austin sleeping pose on a Sunday. It looks like he's about to poke his eye. 


  1. So, do you live in Moscow, then? I'm getting that impression! :) Plus, I recognize the arboretum. Guess what? I live in Pullman! Do you want to get together sometime? :) send me an email if you want to--we could set up a time. linnaesgarden [at] gmail.

    1. No way! Yes I'll be sending you in an email soon. Small world!

  2. Loved these beautiful pictures. You shared your Oct through pictures so well. Major change not to be with Carol anymore. That blue dress looked so cute on you!