Sunday, October 30, 2016

Grandma May Johnson's Funeral

On October 6, sweet Grandma May Johnson passed away in Aline and Randy Hardman's home in Menan, ID. She was surrounded by lots of her children and some grandchildren and from what we heard, it was a peaceful passing.

Her funeral was set to be in Menan the following week on the 15th. Austin and I drove down on the 14th after his class and got to Rexburg around 11PM. We were lucky enough to catch the last quarter and 2 overtimes of the BYU vs Mississippi State game. I'm so glad they won so we could go to bed happy.

Funny moment on the way down, we listened to the whole Agatha Christie novel And Then There Were None narrated by Dan Stevens and stopped at a lone rest area as soon as the last person was about to die. It was pitch black and wind was howling and I was freaked out of my mind. I turned to Austin and said, "we're using the family bathroom." No way was I going in the women's bathroom by myself.

The viewing was at 8:30 the next morning and the funeral was at 10 at the Menan Stake Center. All of Austin's siblings there. We were just missing Nic and Ryan, Edie, Eden, Brigham, and Jorie. It was fun to have a little mini reunion with everyone. It was also great to see a lot of Johnson cousins that we haven't seen in years. There were some that I had still yet to meet so that we fun. I think Austin saw some of them at his Grandpa Johnson's funeral about 20 years ago. Crazy!

There was a great spirit at the funeral. Aline gave the eulogy and Loa recited her poem that she wrote after her mother passed, and Alan gave the talk. He focused on joy because of the plan of salvation. All the grandkids and their spouses and great grandkids sang "Love is Spoken Here" which was a highlight for everyone. 

Then we had a quick lunch and headed to Rupert for the burial services. It was short and sweet. We sang some of Grandma Johnson's favorite Primary songs. Afterwards, we circled around the little tiny Rupert where Austin's Mom grew up (8 kids in a tiny 2 bedroom house, what?!) and it was the house that Mom and Dad Doutre had their first kiss. They are still arguing if it was the front or back porch. 

Austin and I traveled back with Cami, Sean, and Bree to Rexburg where the Hansens' were so nice to let us stay and hang out with them that night and go to their Stake Conference. Such a short trip but glad we could go! 

Pics from the weekend

I couldn't get over how beautiful these fall trees were on our drive through Montana.

Austin next to Ross Glen Johnson (Glen is Austin's middle name)

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