Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nauvoo day 1

Because we arrived at our hotel around 2AM and didn't get to sleep till 3AM (mostly because us girls were watching the end of Anne of Avonlea-#priorities) we only managed to squeeze in 5 hours of sleep. That would happen every night while we were there but we were so blessed not to get sick or feel overly tired or grumpy. Yeah! Some people took naps in the morning while Austin and I did oxen ride and watch "Remembering Nauvoo" at the visitor center and take a glance around the women's garden right outside the visitor center.

I believe this was Willard Richard's sword...but now not sure.

Once everyone got back, we took a wagon ride around the historic downtown of Nauvoo. When they did restorations of these homes and buying a lot of property in the 60's, they did a great job keeping up the real feel of the homes and roads. It was neat to learn a lot of history behind this place.

After that and saving our seats for the pageant, we went over to Carthage to visit where the Prophet Joseph and Hyrum were killed. It was also neat because Willard Richards (my 3rd great grandfather) was at Carthage during the martyrdom and going through the tour, they reminded me of the story of his prophecy that he would see bullets fly all around him and his friends were fall beside him but no harm would come to him. That prophecy was fulfilled. Pretty amazing. I got to sign the descendants list but almost forgot which side he's on (he's on my Mom's side). #familyhistoryfail

We got dinner and ate it across from the Temple and then went and saw the tail end of "Sunset on the Mississippi" with the young performing missionaries. It was so well done! And we were laughing pretty hard. They sure know how to entertain! Right after that we saw the Nauvoo pageant. I don't remember doing this last time we were here (which makes sense since they only do it in July) and I'm so glad we were here for it. Brought a wonderful spirit to the whole Nauvoo experience. Hearing the stories in the pageant made me realize more and more how much the gospel meant to the saints. It was everything to them. I know I could be more grateful for the gospel and what I've been given. We truly are "rich".

Recognize him? It's like dejavu: Hyrum in Nauvoo. ;) He played Joseph in the pageant
After the amazing performance!

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  1. Awesome experience of being there and enjoying the incredible performances. Must have been so wonderful.