Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekly Tidbits

-One of our dear friends, the Jarvis', moved yesterday and we're going to miss them a lot! I'm going to miss walking with Hannah and her two kids! I'm going to miss learning a lot from her and talking about books. And we're going to miss teaching Eva in sunbeams. When we were helping them pack in the truck, Austin was working his magic in the back of the truck doing tetrus with boxes and furniture. Hannah said that we should just move wherever they are so Austin can do this every time (I'm totally down for that!)

-This is my book haul from the library. Some of these are requested from "What should I read next" podcast and some were recommendations of Goodreads. And then Flipped was from The Little Free Library across the street from the library. So I took it home, plan to read and enjoy it and return it to the little free library (just like it says stamped on the book) . These little free libraries are the coolest! And we have two within walking distance. Austin and I are already planning on getting one in front of our house someday. ;)

-I got invited to play basketball with some ladies at the Church every Tuesday and Friday morning for an hour. Yesterday was the first one and man am I sore! I'm pretty sure I was the youngest one there but the most out of shape haha. Oh well, it was fun! But they are pretty intense: no timeouts, barely a break in between games, no foul shots at the line, and we played man on man the whole time. Maybe next time we could go to zone so I'm not frantically running everywhere. :)

-Rio Olympics have started! The whole bummer is that we have no tv and no cable provider so we are out of luck trying to watch the primetime events (which is my favorite part). We are so tempted to go to Goodwill and try to find a cheap tv...
There is nothing quite like the Olympic games!

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  1. I'll be invited Austin to come help us when we move. We need his packing skills. :) Let me know what you think about "The Tapping Solution." Love you! You're so good.