Saturday, January 2, 2016

Nativities around the World

We've been anticipating the end of the semester. This one has been a crazy learning curve for Austin and I. And we're still learning lots but we're excited to have one semester down and 3 more to go!

Austin and I have been involved with our stake choir for 4 months that seems like forever! We did it for stake conference and then ended up wanting to be part of a smaller group for a Community Christmas Festival at the Church during the beginning of December. The festival was so great. I'm so glad that we decided to be a part of it. Nothing like coming together as a community to celebrate Christmas. The chapel and cultural hall was filled to the max and there were wonderful decorations around the cultural hall and some in the chapel. Our stake was the last to perform. We did The Hallelujah Chorus and The Work of Christmas. There was a great spirit there and hope we can do it again next year.

A week later after we performed, we did the same two songs at the Nativities around the World that was being held at another stake center here in Moscow. Austin and I got to explore more nativities afterwards. Funny note about Austin is that there was this scavenger hunt to find different parts of a nativity. A lot of them were actually really hard to find and we spent about an hour looking at it when I realized that his prize at the end was a candy cane. It was totally worth it to him! I married a kid for sure.

This is what Austin does when it's cold outside and he refuses to let me help get ice off the car.
Our attempts to put a tree on our wall made out of garland. It kept falling down and it somehow made the shape of the Grinch. ;)
Looking at the displays about Christ before going to see Nativities around the World.

On the hunt to win his candy cane.
I love the simplicity of the one with the star overhead. 
Decided to make this last minute while watching "A Season For Miracles." (what a sweet movie!)
Funny story: Because I sent the picture of my terrible tree attempts to Mere and Emily, they bought me a tree! I didn't realize how exciting it was to actually have a tree in our place until we were decorating it. Thanks guys! And I love the star Austin made out of cardboard.
Old ornaments and Christmas cards on our tree. 
Winter has begun here and I'm already ready for Spring! 
This is the face of post final stress syndrome as Austin calls it. He was so exhausted when he came home. And poor guy we had to leave the next morning, bright and early!
On our way to Portland to catch a flight for Cami's wedding.

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