Sunday, June 14, 2015

A quarter of a century

That's how old I am-25! Eeek. We went the day before to Twin Falls and did a session at the Temple and went to Shoshone Falls and then on to an awesome Mexican restaurant for dinner. And I started reading Holes to him on the car ride home. We love that book and movie A LOT. It was all so fun! Austin got me the Oh She Glows Cookbook-I'm stoked. I can't wait to try out some awesome, yummy meals. It might be just as much of a present for Austin as it was for me. :)

On the road! Love Austin's shades.

Twin Falls Temple

Look, it's Timmy from Granite Flats!


Shoshone Falls

I had to add this picture of the lizard because Austin took about 10 pictures of it. Haha

Birthday dinner!

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  1. We enjoyed Holes this summer too! So fun. I need to read Wonder to my kids. Such a tear that shirt you are wearing!