Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day '15

Memorial day started off by going to the Heroes memorial at the Century High School. It was well done with lots of crosses with the name of a soldier on the cross and Medal of Honor for those who were from Idaho. Austin got teary eyed thinking about how these men and women were volunteers. The stories of these soldiers were incredible. I'm grateful to live in this great land of America!

The Doutre's stopped by to pick up Cami who was in Rexburg visiting Sean so when they got here, we all went on a walk together near out house. Alice-Anne called on our hike and said they wanted to stop by on their way home from Blackfoot. Soon our little studio was filled with people! It was great to see both families.

Sean and Cami. Cute, no?

We have a nice little set up that I read to Austin while he does the dishes. It's the best. And we cried after we finished this wonderful, wonderful book. I love it!

Outside our place. Spring has arrived!

Made with avocados. No joke.

"I want that." But it was divine!

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