Thursday, April 16, 2015

What managing taught me

I'm on my last week as being The Carriage House manager, a position I've had for almost 2 years. And what years they've been! I wouldn't exactly say they've been "fun" years but definitely worth remembering and learning from. And talk about stories to tell! I've had to deal with floods, drugs, fires, girl drama like no other, knocks on my door in the wee hours of the night, long hours in the office, given hundreds of tours, answered probably about a 1000 emails, but all in all, I'm grateful for the experience. BUT I don't think I'll ever do it again. Which is funny because a few weeks ago I was looking at managing positions in Boise just in case. It was nice to read the description and say "hey I could do that!"

I was reading off someone else' blog about not wanting things quick and easy but working for things. I realize that sometimes I have a lack of motivation and I just want things to come to me in a quick way. Hmm, probably why some answers to my questions haven't come yet :) Sometimes I think, they demand too much of me. What do they expect? I'm in the office all day with no assistant, packing and cleaning by myself, AND you want me to clean up garbage outside? Thinking this out loud makes me realize that's pretty pathetic and it causes me to realize a pattern or a least a general thought in my head that I want to stop.

I'm a complainer.

Today I had a realization that Austin never complains, he just listens to my complaining. And sadly, a lot of complaining that I do is about managing and the girls. Like today, I was so flustered about something with work and feeling like this girl was so demanding when I realize that I'm also kind of demanding. I'm not super patient or loving and lately, I'm sure when people stop by my front door after hours, that they can see that I'm really bugged that they're there. Definitely need to work on my costumer service skills. People would call it burn out (which is how I'm feeling right now) but really I can't have excuses if I want to be a disciple of Christ-no matter what my circumstances is. I was thinking about how I haven't focused on other people lately. I'm just consumed in all my struggles and my needs. Before I leave, I want to send off my thank you to my Institute teacher, drop off a note to the people I visit teach, say thanks to those who have worked with me these last couple of years, and finish this week strong.

In case you're wondering, I did pick up the garbage. ;)

I don't want to focus on the negative of this post because I don't want to think back on managing and have this negative connotation with it, even though it might be there just a little. A lot of blessings have come because of this job.

-It gave me something to do after I graduated.
-I met some of my best friends who were also managers
-I got to set my own hours so it was a really flexible job in that way
-Have not had to pay for rent or utilities for 2 years-blessing!
-Opportunities to serve
-Memories and memories of a place we call home

It was also amazing to see this last little bit all the love that I got from some of my tenants. Some were genuinely sad that we were leaving. I got several cards and hugs and lots of thank you's. Those make it worth it. It's fun to consider some of your tenants as your good friends. I also love when they come and ask "how did you know you were supposed to marry your husband". Ah! Got that several times but then it opened up for a great discussion and instantly created bonds with people.

In other notes, I'm really going to miss these beautiful flowers which just popped out of nowhere without me planting anything. Blessed nature! :)

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  1. I complain too much to! What stretching experiences you've had as a manager. I bet you did so much good.