Thursday, February 19, 2015

Grandma Lewis' funeral

Good thing I don't have hardly any followers, I have a hard time posting much!

I do need to catch up on life happenings around here so I thought I would start with Grandma Lewis's funeral that was over a month ago on January 16th. She passed away earlier in the week on the 12th. I felt this is a fitting tribute to write this today as it would have been Grandpa Lewis's 100th birthday today! I miss them both. I'm so grateful that families are forever and we get to be reunited with loved ones after this life.

My memory is a little foggy and most of the personal details are in my journal, so I thought I would link what was written on my sister Alice-Anne's blog. She is a much more eloquent writer than I am. :)

I'll add some photos here (sorry for the vainess-just want to document that I was actually there! ;) Photos are taken by cousin Elise Linton Stolle.

Some things I do want to remember:
-Dad saying the prayer before they closed the casket. That brought the Spirit to the whole funeral and I felt the power in that. He touched on how this would hope to be a missionary opportunity for those that would attend to feel the Spirit and know the truth of the Gospel.
-The viewing was in the front area of the Peases' home and there was a recording of her trio, that she was apart of when living in Ajo, going on in the back ground.
-All of the little stories of Grandma's wonderful example from her children that was said at the funeral.
-Being able to sing 'O My Father' with many cousins. We filled all of the choir seats!
-I got a set of Grandma's scripture and a beautiful shawl.

Ondalynn and I

Janae was just telling us the story of how she almost delivered her baby in her car on the way to the hospital :)

All of those that got to be there from our family. 

Dad's siblings. 10 out of the 12. 

Lewis girl cousins

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