Thursday, December 18, 2014

BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world

I'm not the crafty type-just ask Emily. She could give you plenty of stories of how bored I was on all those trips we made to JoAnn's. But maybe it's something when you have a place of your own or more time on your hands now that you're done with school that makes me want to make thrifty things. I've wanted to have this particular sign in my house someday so I decided to spend too much time picking out the wood (Emily can attest to that-she was there painfully watching me go back and forth between two different kinds) and then lacking the courage to buy 40 bucks worth of craft stuff. But I got to start somewhere right?
You can tell this was my first project because I thought free handing it was the only option :) I know it doesn't look professionally done but hey, I did it! And I loved it. I'm actually working on a couple of other projects right now as Christmas gifts and it brings happiness to my life-especially after the craziness of the days with check-outs. It's fun to think I'm starting to develop a skill I never thought I had (how minimal it may be) or maybe it's just the fact that my inherent nature to create is coming out and I'm starting to see the beauty of it. I love the purpose it gives to my life.

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  1. Oh Julia! Gotta give yourself some credit! :) I love your artwork and I would buy it if I saw it in the stores.