Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Family pictures

Even though it's just us two, we've definitely changed in the last two years and I wanted to snag some pictures of us before we left Rexburg. I also wanted to have my friend, Sam Merrell, take them because she's cool and takes cool pictures and she'll be heading to Provo with her fam in January while her husband is attending grad school at BYU. No but she really does an awesome job especially in such a short amount of time! Here's her blog:
 I will add more later but these are the ones that she put on her blog. The day was gorgeous and the lane where we're on the bike is the same lane that we took our engagement pictures two years ago.

October 2012

October 2014

Don't worry I'm just sucking his face. ;)

Aren't we cute? :)


  1. I really love these pictures so much! You guys are so cute :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE these pictures! They turned out so nice! You guys look so happy and cute together. Love ya Julia!