Saturday, July 15, 2017

4th of July in Oregon

When I found out Meredith and her family were flying in from Hawaii to stay at my parent's house for three weeks, I just had to make the trip to see them! I mean, I wanted to see my other PNW family members too, but when you haven't seen some of your nieces and nephews for two years, you make more a commitment. :) And I couldn't pass the opportunity to see Alice-Anne and her family as they were having a Johns' reunion on the Oregon coast so two-thirds of the siblings were in Oregon around this time! 

The sad part was all the grandkids were spreading some sort of bug so that was a bummer. It only went through the grandkids and not the adults which was weird but I'm really glad to have escaped that (knock on wood!)

I'll mostly document through pictures but quick recap:
-Sunday dinner with everyone except Seth's family before the Johns' left for their reunion
-Park time at imagination station on Monday
-Patriotic concert and then fro yo afterwards
-4th of July pancake breakfast and the rest of the day spent at the Vances'
-Mere and I chopped off our hair!
-More park time and walking on the Springwater trail
-Girls day with the sisters for lunch and ice cream and then girls night with the nieces and sisters watching The Inheritance

Now the recap through pictures (which really looks like "every picture of Jocelyn there is" but she is so cute, I couldn't help it!)
Me and Claire have got this nose scrunchin thing down
Austin and Evelyn

Dad really into the music that he couldn't peel away to take a picture. ;)

My Dad doing this thing. 

4th of July fun!
Trump face anyone? haha

Always willing to help
And always up for giving kisses

And throwing The Book of Mormon! 
But really, look at that face!!

Girl time
Yummy thai food
Just missing Emily and the three sister-in-laws.
I love her. 
Kissing cheeks all week. 
Over half of the grandkids here
Girl cousins
And boy cousins having a hard time getting it together. 
Crazy/normal picture
And if no one knew where Christian was, the first thing to do was look up. He was climbing roofs this week. I'm not sure how Mere keeps that kid on the ground!

It was so fun to be there with everyone. I'm already itching to go back! 


  1. It was so fun to have you come! It wouldn't of been the same without you. Thanks for making the sacrifice so we could all be together. Love all these great pictures you posted. Way to go to get it all together so quickly. Oh the memories!

  2. I love that picture of you and me together, and I love you!