Friday, May 19, 2017

Sharing The Good

I've noticed more recently how much is available out there that demand our time and attention. The trick is figuring out what is the most important in filling that time. It's been a good reflection for me to pin point what "feeds my soul" so to speak or at least give me motivation and encouragement as well as give me simple pleasures. 

I started jotting down things that I've loved recently. These are mostly books, movies, podcasts, articles, music, things I'm learning in my studies, and organizations that are doing some great work, and maybe a good recipe thrown in there and I just want to share these simple pleasures with you. This is also a way for me to remember and have an easy access of what I enjoy at this time of my life. These are the things I would put in my "sharing the good" Pinterest board if I had such a board...maybe I should make one? 

I have a list of about 15 things jotted down but I'll share a few now and maybe some next week and just keep adding either weekly or monthly depending on how much I have to share. There is a lot of good out there! And I realize I love to share a good thing. 

-In light of Mother's Day recently, I love this initiative that Big Ocean Women did on 'mother is a verb'. I love what BOW do in general. They call themselves maternal feminists which I think is awesome. :) And I love love this painting by Caitlin Connolly (and pretty much every other painting she has.)

-My sister introduced me to this podcast called Bold New Mom and this episode on worry is one that I will need to revisit again and again. She says "worry is one emotion that is never helpful and never necessary." 

-This What Should I Read Next podcast episode is probably my favorite. Kathleen Grissom describes how she came up with the story for The Kitchen House and it's pretty remarkable. I currently have her newest addition Glory Over Everything and can't wait to dive in. I love her writing and stories. 

-This Deseret News article about a woman who went from infertility to Mother of the Year. What's more impressive is her perspective and attitude then and now. I really want to develop her gratitude and faith filled perspective. “If I get back to my Father in Heaven with zero children in my house, I’m still committed,” Kjelstrom decided. “If I get back there with one child, or if I get back there as a widow, whatever it takes, that is my goal, to be there and to be faithful in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I decided this is what I wanted. My decision was to be committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of the blessings that came or didn’t come...I had determined I was in, no matter what.”

-We watched the movie A Monster Calls based on the YA novel that I read last year. And I cried (hard!) the same two spots in the movie that I did in the book. If you haven't read it yet, read it! It's the most unique book I've read in a long time. And it's probably the saddest book I've read in a long time but still so good. The way the author tells of how a 12-year old boy deals with his mother's terminal illness is one you won't soon forget. And then pair it with this song by Ed Sheeran

-And this chocolate ice cream we have been making several times around here. Even better with chopped strawberries. So excited for the start of summer!

What good things have you found this month? And is anyone watching the new Anne on Netflix? I'm starting episode 3 and it's where we get to meet Gil for the first time (gulp!)

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  1. I find that many things you love, I love too. You inspire me. Thanks so much for sharing.