Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Reading Challenge

This is going to be the first year where I'm actually doing a reading challenge. I've only just kept a tally of the number of books read on Goodreads but this way I can get through those books I've been meaning to read but haven't yet. I did a list of 12 so I could focus on one each month. 

Here are some options for each category. Please give me recommendations or if there's a book here that I shouldn't read, let me know that too. 

A book that I own that I haven't read yet
    *The Alchemist
    *The Power of One
    *Mink River 

A book that intimidates me (or one over 700 pages)
    *The Winds of War
    *Team of Rivals
    *John Adams
    *Lonesome Dove
    *Gone With the Wind

A book that I should have read as a child but haven't yet
    *Charlotte's Web
    *Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh
    *Romana series
    *The Secret Garden
    *All-of-a-kind Family

A book published this year (more options once the year goes on)
    *Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team
    *Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race
   *Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

A book in translation
    *My Brilliant Friend
    *Crime and Punishment
    *Les Miserables

A book recommended by a friend
    *One Dead Spy
    *Walkable City
    *Life and Death in Shanghai
    *The Lord of the Rings series

A book I've been meaning to read
    *The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    *Peace Like a River
    *The Snow Child
    *And There Was Light
    *When Breath Becomes Air

A book from genres I don't normally read (or mostly food memoirs)
    *Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes
    *Bird by Bird
    *My Life in France
    *French Kids Eat Everything
   *Dinner: A Love Story

A book by Charles Dickens
    *Tale of Two Cities
    *Little Dorrit
    *Great Expectations

A book by Jane Austen
    *Mansfield Park
    *Northanger Abbey

A book to reread
    *The Giver
    *To Kill a Mockingbird
    *Anne of Green Gables
    *The Secret Keeper
    *A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    *North and South (audio)
A book that was once banned (this comes from a list on Goodreads so I'm not sure how accurate it is)
    *I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing
    *Brave New World
    *Ender's Game
    *The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    *Uncle Tom's Cabin


  1. I listened to Charolletes Web and loved the audio! Such a sweet tale. LOVE Life and Death in Shanghi (I've read it twice. I believe it's a classic because you can learn something new each time it's read... ahh so good!) and I hear French Kid Eat Everything is really good. I am not a huge parenting book fan... but I've been tempted to pick this one up. I haven't had a picky eater yet so I haven't felt the drive but I hear it has some sound principles in teaching children about the relationship with food. Can't wait to read your reviews! Just got Boys in a Boat (per your recommendation) so I'll have to call you once I'm done!

    1. Ok I'll definitely listen to Charlotte's Web on audio (I believe it's only 2 hours long too!) And I put Death in Shanghi on here because of you. I knew you highly recommended it so I wanted to pick it up. Hopefully I can this year. And I realized I just saw another comment you made on a post last month-so sorry! I hope you like Boys in the Boat and I agree we need to chat soon!