Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day in Oregon + Thoughts on Being Home

There's really no place like home, even on a quick weekend like Labor Day. Austin decided to make it to Utah for the brother's 3x3 ultimate frisbee tournament so that meant we could drive to Oregon first and then he could catch a flight from there to Utah. I know, it doesn't make sense but the cost of flying from Lewiston and the cost of driving and then flying to Utah was the same. Plus, I didn't want to drive by myself so it was a win-win.

It was a good thing I didn't drive by myself because coming out of Hood River at 10PM, I took over driving so Austin could eat some food. Of course, that's when the major rain storm hit and our windshields were not working properly and, because I couldn't see the lines, I was heading straight for an exit sign. I quickly pulled over and just sobbed. I don't know what I would have done if I was by myself. And then of course, it stopped raining as soon as Austin started driving. Ah, oh well.

Saturday after we dropped Austin off at the airport, Mom and I went on a little excursion through IKEA (my first time!). They sure know how to make you want to buy everything with their lovely displays, inexpensive products, and yummy food. We were on a mission to get 3 things from Janelle and we ended up with this:

My first other motivation for coming up to Oregon was to watch the first BYU game with family. I have a real obsession with BYU sports, especially BYU football. I've cried more in football games than testimony meeting if that gives you an idea. :) And sure enough, this game, like so many of theirs, comes right down to the wire and for the last few minutes I couldn't even sit on the couch. I was huddled up to a corner of the Vances wall with my eyes half open hoping we would win. A true freshman comes and kicks his first career field goal to win the game in true miracle fashion. Worth over the little sleep I got that night. And worth seeing Kalani Sitake dance at the end.

Switching gears: Being home on fast Sunday reminded me of why I love being home. Like a flood of memories and feelings came to me that said, "This is where it all started and don't forget it." My testimony was definitely forged at home, especially testimony meetings with family and hearing Dad tell stories of the experiences he's having being a Stake President. Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a spiritual rut, that my testimony was stronger in high school than it is now.

Being back home reminded me that I need to remember what I was taught there and then build upon that. I can't rely on being home every weekend to get that. I'm so grateful for that reminder and for the memories because they help shape what I want to do better moving forward. It was exactly what I needed to feel this weekend.

Okay back to Labor day: Monday we gathered with Seth's, Ondalynn's, and Viv's families at Silver Falls. It was gorgeous! We only went a couple of miles because of the younger kids but now I want to come back and hike the whole 9 mile loop. We had lunched and squeezed in a ultmate frisbee game before the hike. So fun to catch up with everyone! I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving. I left part of my heart in Oregon (cue green heart). :)


  1. So many fun and cute pictures!! glad you got
    To be there! And holy smokes, scary experience about the rain. I swear it only down pours when I drive

  2. You're so sweet! So glad you love being home, cuz we really love having you here. You always inspire me to be better. I'll always remember that adventure at Ikea with you. :) So glad you could join in on the fun Labor Day activities.