Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three things that consist our life of right now

1. Cooking/Baking
2. BYU Sports (aka BYUtv)
3. Hallmark movies

I'll start talking about cooking/baking first. I took up the idea to make a new recipe everyday for the next year. I've missed a few days but it works. Once I've finished with the recipe, I go put my "two-cents" in of how I liked it or not. Here's my blog for it: We've made some amazing things and some not so amazing things but the whole thing is sifting through what works for us and then my hope is to start memorizing those so I don't have to always look online for everything. My problem is I like trying new things all the time. It's way more fun this way. :)

Austin has grown to love eating whole food, plant-based. He picks and chooses what he eats for going out to eat with coworkers or other things (so do I) but he's so proud of the moments that he chooses stir fry or a soup/salad than a hamburger or something like that. And of course, he always up for me trying anything that involves dessert. We made 4 different brownie recipes in 4 weeks. My favorite is the one with kidney beans and potatoes and his favorite is easy whole wheat pastry ones from a website called Engine 2 Diet.


Makin brownies!

Austin made and presented this to me so beautifully. :)

THE best chocolate chip bites I've ever had.

Our love affair with BYU Sports started back in early September watching many exciting games, a lot of which were on BYUtv (thank heavens that channel is online!) Fall is such a fun time to watch sports because you've got soccer, volleyball, football, and then basketball hits into full gear in November. This whole season soccer, v-ball, and football never missed a game at home. That's insane! I was telling Austin that I think the reason I love BYU sports is because they're not just a one sport team like everyone knows Kentucky is good at basketball but I don't remember the last time I heard about them for football, ya know?

It was especially a good week when every night there was a different game going on each night. With us being an hour behind mountain time, it always rolls around dinner time so it helps me to get dinner done quick! And it's nice to have most of the evening once the game is finished instead of being past 9PM usually. Because most of the games we watch are on BYUtv, and because they have the same commercials play again and again, we basically have some of these memorized (sadly). First indication of this is Austin wrote on our bathroom mirror: "BLUE RUNS DEEP." I had to add in on the top to go along with the commercial: "Blue runs fast, blue run hard." You would only get it if you saw the commercial a hundred times. ;)

Proof. Two games going on at once, on BYUtv and the other on the website. I was in heaven!

We also have loved getting a chance to watch Hallmark movies, especially since the holidays where they put a new one out almost every week. I keep tabs on them and then try to find them on youtube (oops! Don't judge). There's just nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit with a little cheesy holiday romance. It all started back when Bubs and I watched The Christmas Card every year. Cheese to the max but who cares!

This isn't a holiday Hallmark movie but one that we have loved is called "How to Fall in Love." It's the guy from another favorite Hallmark movie/series "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." It was funny because the main character reminded us a lot of Austin's mannerism. I think that's why we liked it so much. It also didn't have that bad of acting and actually a pretty cute story even though it was predictable.

I could go on and on with my love for cheesy Hallmark shows (I mean hello, "When Calls the Heart" is my fave!) but I'll spare details and say that this is what our Fall time has brought us.

Another hobby that I've picked up more and more is painting. I guess that would be considered my 4th thing that consists of my life right now. I guess it goes hand in hand with my movie watching because it gives me an excuse to pop in a predictable Hallmark movie while I paint. It's a lot easier for me to get a project done when I give it as a gift for someone else. I made a baby shower sort of gift for Jorie and then a wedding gift for Cami and Sean. It's been fun going through pictures on pinterest and not having a tutorial to go off of, I just go for it! I've been pleasantly surprised each time. Austin just wish I did more for our home. ;) Sometimes it's therapeutic for me, there is always a new idea that I'm cookin up. I'm excited to try some things for Christmas.

Here's my paintings...

This is my picture that I went off of.

For Jorie and her nursery.

For Cami and Sean.

Other crafts I've done here and there:

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