Tuesday, January 7, 2014

November and December happenings

November was so nice and relaxing. We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with Austin's family. I made an apple pie and sweet potato casserole (can you believe they've NEVER had that before?!) We watched lots of studio C sketches, listened to a lot of PTX songs, played spontuneous (Mom Doutre wooped us!), Wackee 6, went a walk around their neighborhood and kissed baby cheeks. It was the best.

Ignore the phone pics. That's all I got!
Playing an intense game of jenga.

 Can you tell that someone forgot to get ready that day? ;)
 Proud grandparents!
 Just wanted to prove that he does smile when I hold him:)

 Thanks to A-A's family tradition, we did our own Grati-Dou Tree. Get it? :)

December was also very eventful. We went to see the Forgotten Carols in IF, manager work party, Austin's work party, and ward party (aka all of this meant I didn't have to make meals! Food budget dropped half this month!) We also participated with the Merrell's and Toolsons (co-managers) for the ward talent show by playing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and "Jingle Bells" blowing through coke bottles. Let's just say it was thoroughly entertaining. We made gingerbread houses with our friends, the Furukawa's, got check-outs ready for the girls and we did it a little differently this year and it was the first time I told Austin that I wanted to quit my job right then. That was after I checked some girls cleaning at 11PM. Yeah that's another story I would rather not go into.
But we had so much fun going to the stake clerk's house to see his 4000+ lights that synchrozied with a radio station playing Christmas music. AMAZING. We had a cousins dinner at Sunni and Hyrum's house with Hunter and Janna. So fun to see them again! We saw Sunni and Hyrum again at the Rexburg Tabernacle for a "Rexburg Christmas"concert. They were putting it on to help Primary Children's hospital and the talent that was performed was top notch! Too bad not a lot of people came.
Then we left with the Merrell's early morning on the 23rd to head to Utah for our Christmas vacation! We dropped the Merrell's at the Ogden airport, spent the day with Doutre's playing laser tag and eating endless pizza at Pizza Pie Cafe. We arrived in Oregon that evening. We had a grand time being with the Vances for Christmas Eve, being with the Williams Christmas morning when the kids got to open up their presents. It's so much fun to be with little kids on Christmas. Definite excitement that you can't match anywhere. We had a wonderful day with Vances, Caudles, and Williams eating great food and playing games.
Then on the 26th Austin and I attended the temple for an endowment session. His childhood friend, Mary Castleton was getting married that day in the Portland temple and I saw her name on one of the dressing room booths. I told Austin about it and we wrote a congratulations note and stuck it on her door. Hope that was a fun surprise for her:)
We got to be with the rest of the family for Dad's birthday lunch celebration. What a great Dad he is! I'm glad we got to honor him.
Austin and I enjoyed a wonderful 24 hour trip to the beach and the weather was actually better than it was in Gresham so we soaked it up. We came back to see a sad game by the Cougars but had fun watching the boys duke it out with their Dad! Then we ended our vacation by going to see "Frozen" (haven't stopped listening to the music since!) and once we got picked up by the Doutre's they took us to see Temple Square lights which I had never seen before.

The picture below is after the Forgotten Carols concert-funny moment of the night: Austin and I brought life savors but no waterbottles. We didn't realize later what a bad idea that was. We were so thirsty!!! So during intermission we stood in line and got some water, then went back in line and got some water, and did it again several more times. I think during the whole intermission we were at the water fountain but it was worth it ;)

 Inside the Rexburg tabernacle from the balcony

 Don't mess.

 Brett and his dog: Classic moment of the night!

 What I love about the picture below is Paxton is lying on the ground naked and watching the game while scratching his belly. He's like an old man watching NFL with a beer belly ;)
 Me: "Austin, this is our future."
Austin: "Times two!"
 This picture is a little conflicting. Cougar helmet, red shirt. Not so sure about this...

Pig n pancake! Gotta go for the experience.

Not to mention Austin and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! As we were driving back to Rexburg that day, we listed all the blessings we've seen this year and there was a TON. I'm so grateful to be married to a great guy who is so much fun to be around. He's a winner. 
 Me: Oh my gosh it's our anniversary and we haven't even taking a picture yet! Yep stylin it in our PJ's right after a long trip.

 The stash.

Oh yeah!

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  1. So great to read your blog and enjoy the fun pictures. What a busy two months you have had! So glad we got to be part of your vacation. I love the picture of you two in your sweaters. Happy Anniversary! You two are perfect for each other! :)