Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation time!

I have been looking forward to August for a while. One main reason is because since we don't have any tenants we get to go on a vacation for a week! Woot! And what a great vacation it was.

Here are some things we were up to:

Kenna's baptism! Thanks Kenna for letting us spend this special day with you. I love going to baptisms. There really is a special spirit there and reaffirms you to live up to your baptismal covenants. Kenna has a great place in my heart since I stayed with the John's for a little bit when she was just a couple of weeks old. And then I've consistently seen her grown up, probably the most of my nieces and nephews. While I was in college, I would stay with the Johns during Memorial day, General Conference, 4th of July, reunions and other random events for the last 4 years so I felt like I got to know her a little bit more and more. Love you Kenna!
 Festivities at the other Johns' house afterwards. Kenna got baptized the same day as her cousin Kylie.
 It was fun to hang out with Danielle and Crismon on the ride to and fro from baptisms. We all went to the Jordan River Temple to do a session and got to witness the new presentation of the endowment. Such a neat experience.

Spencer loves his uncle Austin! These two were buds the entire weekend. Here is Spencer trying on Austin's glasses.


Ok I'm just going to jump to the next week. We drove Mom back to Oregon with us on Monday. Then Tuesday we went with Seth's family, Vances', and Caudles' to the Cottonwood beach on Tuesday. SO MUCH FUN! That night we celebrated Preston's birthday and then Seth did an Iphone tutorial. You can just imagine what that scene looked like:)
Then the picture above shows Austin and I on our adventure to the Oregon Coast. Recommended by Seth and Tiff, we went to Oswald West State Park. These are the kind of trails you go on before you get the beach. It's like mini gorge/beach all in one day. We had the most relaxing time. The weather was amazing and we just enjoyed being there. It was nice because it's not one of the most crowded beaches and it was in a cove so it attracted lots of surfers.

Because we're cheesy...

Proof of my chaco tan line!
Thursday, Ondalynn's family came to hang out while she got a hair cut. Then we went to get blackberries and then treated ourselves to TCBY. 
We love hanging out with the kiddos. Isaac loved climbing up Austin. 
Another winner-he couldn't get enough of it.

Friday, Austin and I went to Angel's Rest. It's about a 2.3 mile hike to 1,600 feet. I remember making this hike when I was in YW preparing for the stake trek. This view is just from the beginning of the hike.

We ate lunch looking out onto that view. It was incredible but I was scared for my life being that high with no hanging rails and drop offs all over the place. The picture isn't that great but far into the distant you can see the city of Portland. 

Then that night we had game night with Caudles and Vances with guacamole and cobbler made by Sydney. As Dad would say, it was to die for and to die from! :) We loved every minute of our trip. So glad we took that break to hang out family and many thanks who did so much while we were there.


  1. Loved your pictures and write-up...thanks for spending some of your vacation with us!

  2. Looked like such a fun vacay!! You guys are so cute and take such cute pictures

  3. Your pictures and comments are so fun! Thanks for making this record. I love it! And you! And Austin!