Monday, July 1, 2013

June highlights

Inspired by my sisters I've also thought I could just share highlight from the month so here is what June brought us:

A new home!

Along with this beautiful, 3 bedroom home, we also got a new job! Austin and I are officially managers of Carriage House apartments. You know, only responsible for 250+ girls. NBD. And no, the stroller you see is not ours, it was just left from the previous managers.
It's great because our office is just downstairs (bottom left corner). So far the job hasn't been as bad as I expected but I'm learning a lot and I already feel like I've grown a lot from this experience. Crazy to think we'll be in that home for almost 2 years..after moving 3 times in less than 6 months of marriage, I think I'm ready for just a little more stability in the moving department area.

But we are sad to leave that blessed trailer...
You really just don't know how great it is until you live in it.

Austin has been doing his own digging for gold (aka leftover wood). He's hoping to make a couple of night stands out of it or something.

I wasn't able to write a post about my birthday so I'll just slyly put it in this post. I didn't really get any pictures of that day but I woke up to a nice breakfast, we went to Millhollow to get lunch then straight on to Idaho Falls so see Sis Lewis for the last time before she headed to Argentina. We got there just in time to be there for her blessing that Elder Kinghorn, one of the senior couples, on the mission gave to her. Then we got to chat for a few minutes and hug our last goodbyes for another 14 months. 
Then we headed to Kiwi Loco just before Austin had to go to work to get 1/2 off frozen yogurt and to see our famous selves on the wall! 
This pic was taken back in October hanging out with the other Doutres right after a high school football game

Speaking of the Nate and Becca Doutres, they had their 2nd baby, Brigham Roger on May 28th. Becca did it ALL NATURAL. Well, she had to b/c when she checked in at the hospital she was already at a 10. We saw them at 5:45 that evening and then we got a text about an hour later saying she already had him! But they were champs because they moved only a week and a half later. We have missed them tons! Not to mention I miss kissing Edens cheeks to death. We just think that they're the greatest and so glad we had several months to have them just across the street. 
The rest of my birthday was sealings at the Temple and then on for Chinese food and Oreo Dessert that Austin surprised me with (wow I realized that my entire birthday revolved around food...).  

On June 28th we had a major blast putting together a BBQ/Movie night for our tenants and the rest of the company. Great turnout, great food, great weather (even though it was extremely hot!). I wish I got a picture of all of it but dealing with the craziness of making sure we had enough food, etc I didn't have time to. Austin burnt lots of arm hair and we only got less than 4 hours of sleep but whatev! Sort of relieving old college-no-sleep-days...

 June 29 we celebrated our 6 month anniversary! Woot! In this small fraction of time together I recognize how extremely blessed I am. Austin was sweet to get tickets to see Extravadance. It's definitely something he knows I enjoy whereas not so much for him. What a guy. I don't know what it is but I LOVE watching people dance (especially ballroom dance). It makes me really happy. The theme was about Masterpieces and so they took masterpieces of paintings or pictures and they choreographed a dance to it. What was really great is there was a dialogue between a Mom and her daughter as if they were walking through a museum and looking at all of the pieces of art and talking about what some of them meant. It was really neat though at the end, they talked about the greatest masterpiece of all is YOU. Then as they were closing the dance with everyone out there, they had Pres. Utchodorf's talk about Creative from a Relief Society broadcast in how we all have an innate ability to create and if you think that you're not the creative type, think again. You are a spirit child of the most creative Being in the whole universe. One of the best performances I've ever been to and something that I needed to hear.

Probably the highlight of this month was to watch the World Wide Leadership Broadcast on June 23rd. Man that was powerful! The entire thing was inspiring and monumental. I felt a great desire to more readily share the Gospel. I always thought I wasn't the missionary type to be bold and everything but recognizing that we have so much power for good, our actions do speak louder than words. I recognize that in my work, in my home, and in my calling, I'm influencing people and so I need to reflect truly what I believe in.  This is definitely exciting time to share the Gospel! This was probably one of my favorite videos from the session. I got teary eyed thinking of my nieces and nephews who are getting baptized this year and what an example they can already be to their friends. Makes we want to rethink my way of doing missionary work. I loved everything about it...if you couldn't tell already :)

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  1. I want to go see this famous picture hanging on the wall. That is so cool! So funny about Austin climbing in the cans to get the wood. He is so resourceful. I loved hear your testimony about the Worldwide Broadcast.