Saturday, May 25, 2013

Prepare to be a-MAY-zed!

Because Austin and I have birthdays exactly two weeks apart we are starting this tradition of a Mayfest between May 17-31. We have a theme and everything (this year's theme is Prepare to be a-MAY-zed!). That means every day for those two weeks we do something fun together or go places and you know create memories and all that jazz. We're hoping this is something that our kids will look forward to as we keep this up.

Mayfest is something that Austin had while in high school and as a part of Mayfest they have t-shirts as part of the fun. So in doing our own Mayfest we of course had to have our own T-shirts. We used sharpie and Austin learned how to tie dye his shirt with sharpie. It's been fun to have Cami here too so she got to be a part of this festivity. She made her own shirt and we've been watching lots of Studio C (Lobster Bisque!) :)

Here is the shirt that I made:

 Our theme on the front and then on the sleeves it says Stan and Jules Doutre and on the other sleeve is the #13 because apparently according to our sealer, we're supposed to have 13 children! So in honor of them! :)
 If you ever wonder how to say Doutre just think dew-on-a-tree (hence the reason for the tree on our shirt).

Proof that I can write in Russian...with a little help of course!


  1. I love it! You guys are so fun!
    Our family should probably do a february fest in honor of all our birthdays!
    Can't wait to read what you do for each day ;)

  2. too fun! I love it. great tradition to start. And I would love it if you had 13'd be great parents...and it would take the pressure off the rest of us! :)

  3. You guys are so creative. I am just catching up on your blog. What a fun tradition!