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Austin and Julia (Austin's short story), it all began on a cold January evening at the LDS institute of religion, Hinckley building on the BYU-Idaho campus. We both enrolled in the same class, Prophets of the Old Testament, each for separate reasons. Julia had felt prompted to drop a religion course specifically to attend institute, and Austin wanted to make institute more of a priority in his life. 

Well, in the first class or so we all introduced ourselves and when it came to me, Austin Doutre, I received a few comments from people who knew my older brother, to which I was accustomed. But then Julia said, "are you Dani's brother?", which is something I don't hear very often. As it turned out, our older sisters were college roommates several years previous at BYU-Idaho and we each had heard about the other. That really broke the ice for me, a timid returned missionary and would often walk with each other to the Library afterwards. 

From that point on, it's a pretty typical BYU-Idaho love story, a short dating period followed by a proposal and marriage. But what I want to say is that we have continued to make two key aspects of the story integral in our lives, institute of Religion and going to the Library. Julia and her deep love of reading has filled our home with fun adventures, fascination with history, and marvelous mysteries.

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